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IF you’ve always wanted to sweep papers off your desk before getting naughty with your partner but were worried about being fired – now’s your chance. 

With Brits now working from home you can pretend to be your own boss, and try out the Working From Home sex position.

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Make sure your work laptop is firmly switched off before getting frisky

Make sure your work laptop is firmly switched off before getting frisky

It’s the perfect move to get the most out of your WFH set-up, just ensure you’re not still on a video call with your colleagues.

In fact, it’s probably best to just switch the work laptop off.

To master the move you’ll need to head to your kitchen table, aka desk, and get your man to sit backward on a chair. explains how to master the move, saying: “The man sits in a chair backward and leans his back on the tabletop nearby.

If you've always wanted to have some fun at a desk, now's your chance without getting fired

If you’ve always wanted to have some fun at a desk, now’s your chance without getting firedCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“The woman sits on a partner’s penis, puts her legs on his and mirrors their position completely.

“She grabs the back of the chair and leans forward slightly.

“The male partner bends his arms at the elbows and places them on the tabletop to stabilize his body.”

You can use the furniture for purchase, allowing for deeper penetration and more control.

As measures to limit the spread of coronavirus ramp up across the country, more and more folks who are lucky enough to have jobs that can be done remotely are now conducting their 9 to 5’s from home. As such, lately, there’s been a lot of chatter online about how to work from home effectively. The majority of the advice is the same: put real clothes on, set up a desk space that is not your bed, and go about your morning routine as though you’re actually heading to work. I (politely) think that’s bullshit: The beauty of working from home is the ability to sit on your couch in holey underwear while you type up expense reports. But! If you live with your significant other, it might not be quite that simple.

Hypothetically, it sounds great—getting to be around your boo all day every day, for weeks on end. That’s probably all you wished for back when you two first got together and were having sex seven times a day. But when your partner excitedly barges into the room to show you that video of the penguins touring an aquarium which we have all seen, interrupting your train of thought for the third time while you try to draft a delicate email to your boss, you might feel differently.

Keith Pandolfi, a writer who is now working from home alongside his wife, tweeted, “To my wife, who has a much more important job than I do—I am simply a lazy coworker who always wants to talk about my inner life and what I just saw on the internet while she’s actually trying to get shit done. If I worked for her she would fire me.” Relatable!

Look, my boyfriend loves me, but I can tell you right now he’s less than enthused about the prospect of us both working from home full time. He’s used to silent, slow days at home full of coffee-drinking and movie-watching (his actual, enviable job). When I work from home, on the other hand, I’m like a pinball bouncing between the energy levels of a sleepy cartoon rat and a hurricane that drank a Red Bull. We’ve each worked from home on and off for five years, so we’re a little prepared for this, but now, for the foreseeable future, we’re stuck together—without nights out with friends or separate hobbies to provide a buffer. The best we can hope for is some alone time while one person takes a shower.

To figure out some coping strategies, I talked to a bunch of people who work from home alongside their partners normally (before COVID-19) to see what it’s like and how they make it work.

Post your office hours.

Your apartment isn’t a university and you aren’t a professor (well, I guess maybe you are), but you should maintain a normal work schedule while you’re working from home. Not only should you stick to your schedule, but you should communicate with your partner each morning about what the day looks like. Remind them of any important calls you might have where you’ll need extra quiet or no interruptions. Share a Google calendar or even write one out on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge.

If one of you is more prone to distraction and the other needs complete quiet to focus, schedule some planned breaks to talk to one another and check-in so that you aren’t hurting anyone’s productivity. Robert Burroughs from New Brunswick, 28, said that while his partner tends to work at a rigid 9-to-5 schedule, “I tend to do sprints where I work hard for a couple of hours and then break for a bit and then work hard for a couple of hours.”