What to consider when choosing a BItcoin Wallet ?

What to consider when choosing a BItcoin Wallet ?
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Before we start reviewing the most secure Bitcoin wallet options, let’s take a quick look at the key types of wallets and salient features. There are the following Bitcoin secure wallet kinds:
The hot wallet is connected to the Internet directly and supposed to be used online only.
The desktop wallet is installed on your system as software and allows for offline Bitcoin handling.
The mobile wallet is installed on your smartphone. You can use Bitcoins by connecting to the Internet.
Hardware wallet is a portable device where you store Bitcoins protected by strong encryption.
The cold wallet is a 100 percent offline wallet that can only receive Bitcoin. It is considered to be the most secure cryptocurrency wallet, but it is only suitable for long-term coin storage.
Most typically, users choose online Bitcoin wallets with a large number of functions. How to secure your Bitcoin wallet? Just pick up the solution that comes with essential protection features.
First, choose a wallet that allows you to own and control your private keys. It should also have features for backup and security, such as pin codes. Secondly, the wallet you’re going to use should be compatible with different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). Do not forget that convenience of the interface is also crucial– you should be able to understand what is what easily: intuitive navigation is a must.
Lastly, check out how the wallet is maintained, and whether the community is participating in development and helping each other. Having 24/7 access to assistance and guidelines is more important than you think.