Webcide.com is the World’s Number one Authority in Negative Online Public Relations Services

Webcide.com is the World’s number one authority , in the field of Negative Public Relations .
One of the best ways to damage your competition , is by writing negative articles about them . Is it legal ? As long as it is not ‘fake news” ,and whatever is reported , can be proved , as real information, based on solid sources , it is completely okay to get some dirty information online , about your competitors , their companies , and their members .
If you Google the term “ negative public relations “ , you will see that we are on top of page one .
Starting a negative public relation campaign on Google , and other social medias , is our expertise , you really need to be an expert in this field .
You have to understand that Negative PR Campaigns are legal , but needs to be done , according to certain basic rules , in order not to get sued , for online defamation , or libel .
Webcide.com is not the only PR company that provide negative campaigning services , there are other PR companies that are offering same kind of services , but take into consideration that most of the PR companies then , refer to us their important projects , because we are the real experts in the field of Negative Online PR .
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