Webcide.com : The Negative Public Relations Experts

We are top leaders in the field of Negative Online PR Campaigning .
We know how to create real Reputational risks to your competitors .
As long as you ‘share’ negative information ,that has been already published by third parties , no company can blame you of defamation .
What is called reputational risk, is a risk of loss resulting from damages to a firm’s reputation, in lost revenue; increased operating, capital or regulatory costs; or destruction of shareholder value, consequent to an adverse , or potentially criminal event even if the company is not found guilty .
At Webcide.com , we have a team of Negative PR experts that creates extremely powerful negative online PR campaigns , while creating reputational risks to companies targeted .
“Incidents” happen that can damage an organization significantly, often financially.
Reputational damage can be caused by many different factors, but namely, it’s how an organization responds to disruption. Webcide.com puts them in a position that the targeted organization makes all the most stupid PR mistakes possible .
We let them ‘bury’ themselves , slowly , day by day .
Organizations in the public light must be seen to be honest to their stakeholders , while considering the welfare of their staff , and as we see in the news , in the case of Ryanair, if even one of these elements fails, the company faces huge reputational backlash.
What are the real effects of reputational damage though? Firstly; a loss of customers. If an organization’s customers feel that they have been lied to, or inconvenienced by a disruption that wasn’t dealt with appropriately, they are likely to take their business to a competitor.
Customers may also choose to share their anger on social media platforms , which further damages the reputation of the organization , and requires a proactive damage limitation process, by trained staff.
Webcide.com especially creates platforms that let angry customers complaint about the company targeted .
Secondly; organizations may be obliged to provide compensation for injury, loss of products or services, or inconvenience to customers which may improve reputation and customer feedback, however the financial impacts of this can be huge. Loss of sales and custom as well as expenses on compensation could, in the worst case, lead to organizational failure.
If you want to start a massive negative online PR campaign against your competitors , contact us for a free and confidential consultation .