Webcide.com Design Diabolical Negative Online PR Campaigns

Webcide.com PR agency specializes in destruction rather than enhancement of online reputation. We work for CEOs , VIPs, International Organizations and political parties,all have a similar agenda: Lay misleading trails, generate negative news, and use social media to weaken or decimate rivals by manipulating public opinion for nefarious purpose.
Have you ever been the target of online criticism from a former customer, employee or associate? If you have, you know how it can hurt. For most people our critics are anywhere from a little worked up to seriously unhinged. But seldom do they have an agenda and the resources at hand to cause wholesale destruction.
The campaigns Webcide.com design are diabolical in nature. It starts with a rumor told here, a half-truth there. Then documents magically show up that are seemingly innocuous at first, but when combined with bombshells to come become the lynch pins in a string of false logic bombs. With a little belief, and enough circumstantial evidence, people with even the smallest affinity for the message of the lie will swallow it hook line and sinker.
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Western spy agencies like Britain’s GCHQ and the NSA apparently devote significant manpower and resources to online “intelligence” operations that consist of negative SEO tactics aimed at enemies of the state. They use fake names, hidden IP addresses, planted news stories, and other smoke-and-mirrors tactics to publish damning or unflattering content about their targets. Sometimes fake evidence is planted which is later “discovered” by an anonymous source and fed to the press an an opportune time. A few Google searches will verify it as “true” and since people hold what Google presents in such high esteem it is all the more easy to believe.
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