Top 3 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets 2019, Everything You Need To know

Conventional hardware wallets store the private key (and this is what controls all the funds in your wallet) on a device outside the computer. The device is then connected to a computer with a cable so that the device can approve transactions without the private key entering the computer environment where it can be stolen by hackers or malware.
While this is an improvement over digital wallets that store the private key on your computer or smart phone, the private key is nevertheless stored on the device.
This creates yet another security breach that leaves your crypto assets vulnerable. If your device is stolen or seized, it is possible for an attacker to obtain your private key with forced entry using sophisticated tools available in modern labs.
The best solution is to not store the private key anywhere in the first place.

With the DigitalBank technology your crypto money is safer than in any bank vault on earth .The private key is never stored on the device itself and is never transmitted anywhere so there is no risk that someone can obtain information through forced entry.

Even if your DigitalBank Vault Device, is seized or stolen, there is nothing that anyone can do to extract the private keys because they are not on the device in the first place.
If the DigitalBank device is taken apart and forensically analyzed the private keys cannot be retrieved .
The private key does not exist on the device until you type in your secret phrase again. Therefore if your device is stolen or seized, there is no way to gain access to the private key because it is not on the device and your funds always remain safe and there is absolutely no reason for alarm or concern if your device is lost of stolen.
The DB solution is ideal for Crypto Managers and Digital Assets Custodians , looking for convenience and streamlined operations with zero compromise on security.

The DigitalBank is enabling a new era in financial services and crypto solutions , safeguarding crypto assets for Banks, Hedge Funds and High Net Worth individuals.

DB is providing unprecedented digital asset security to institutional investors.

DB Provides Fully Insured Cryptocurrency custodianship for Institutional Investors , hedge funds and pensions, banks and investment firms .

The DigitalBank Technology brings the final solution to the public who needs to fully secure his digital assets and manage them easily on a simple interface.

It brings a solution to banks that will be able to offer ultra secured cryptocurrency storage combined with Crypto management tools.

It supply the insurance companies with a huge new potential business of insuring cryptocurrency holdings of their clients.
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