Top 16 Best Ethereum Wallets [2019] – ETH & ERC20 Crypto Wallets

Top 16 Best Ethereum Wallets [2019] – ETH & ERC20 Crypto Wallets -The Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet

The Most Secure Crypto Wallet On Earth

The DigitalBank is a Cyber Security Company that provides ultra secure encryption solutions to the Blockchain , Fintech and Communication Industries .

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault : The World’s Most Secure Crypto Storage Solution
Impenetrable Crypto Wallet : private keys never stored , anywhere , at any given time  . The Private Key (PK) is safely generated by you , known only to you , and can be accessed only by you .
DigitalBank is the only Crypto Wallet that provides a Lifetime Access Guaranteed .
The Security of your Crypto Funds is never, ever , compromised .
​If the device is seized or stolen, taken apart and forensically analyzed no data can be retrieved.


Ultra Secured Crypto Storage and Communication solutions are at the core of all that we do at DigitalBank .
The DigitalBank is not a traditional crypto wallet provider , we supply sophisticated encryption devices for securing privately , your crypto funds .
​Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth . The DigitalBank Crypto Vault , allows you independent control of your crypto assets .  You are the only one that control the private key to your crypto funds .


The DigitalBank Vault Device is not an hardware wallet , it is not a cold storage wallet , it is not an online wallet .  This is a new form of ultra secured crypto storage , totally controlled by the user .  We do not provide any direct crypto custody services  , we provide you with the most advanced technological tools for managing your own crypto funds .
The DigitalBank Technology , is Enabling 100% secure custody of Digital Assets assets for the financial crypto industry . We Do Not have access to your Private Keys or Crypto Funds , at any given time .
We are the Fort Knox of Cryptocurrency Transfers and Crypto Banking  .

DigitalBank Crypto Vault  means a Guaranteed Lifetime Account Access. 
DigitalBank is the only real and  fully decentralized solution : No Institution , No Physical Address , No servers , No data storage :100% Paperless . 100% Nameless . 100% Decentralized .



With the DigitalBank Crypto Vault  , there is no third party involved , because we never store or know your private key , at any given time .

The DigitalBank Technology is solving urgent issues like : Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets , the Loss of Access to Bitcoin and Crypto Accounts , the Physical Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets , Confiscation and Seizure of Crypto Accounts , Freeze and Block of Crypto Funds and many more problems connected to Crypto account holdings .
The DigitalBank Vault ,  is a super sophisticated personal encryption device in your own hands : no data is actually ever stored on the device and by any third parties.
The secret is quite simple : we or you , do not store your private key , anywhere , anytime . Hackers cannot extract your private key because it is not residing anywhere . All other cyrpto wallets solutions will generate your private key for you and will store your private key encrypted , this is the reason they are constantly hacked .


You create instantly your own private key using our ultra secured encryption device , the private key is generated for a few milliseconds just for signing the crypto transactions and then disappear from the device , permanently .​
The concept is crystal clear : the Private Key is never stored anywhere , at any time ,the DigitalBank device generates your private key in an 100% secured way , the same second is needed for approving transactions and then is immediately whipped out from any memory .
​At any given time, there are no third parties involved , we never know your private key or store them on servers.


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