The Swiss secure smartphone sold around the World

The Swiss secure smartphone sold around the world –

Order today! It’s $ 90 USD/month , including the DigitalBank Device of course!

Each DigitalBank Vault®  user defines their own ID . This is the only mandatory information required. A phone number or email address is not required to use the DigitalBank Vault . This unique feature allows you to use it completely anonymously – unlike any other communication device , including , the most secure  smartphones available .
There are two layers of encryption: end-to-end layer between the conversation participants, and an additional layer to protect against eavesdropping of the connection between the app and the servers. The latter is necessary to ensure that an adversary who captures network packets (e.g. on a public wireless network) cannot even learn who is logging in and who they are sending a message to.
Our DigitalBank Vault  servers merely facilitate a secure exchange between sender and recipient. At no time is unencrypted message content stored on any DigitalBank Vault  server.
Order today! It’s $ 90 USD/month , including the DigitalBank Device of course!
Unlike most other communication services, your identity in DigitalBank Vault  is not tied to any specific phone number. You have the freedom to use the device without any limitation .
What happens if for example authorities/law enforcement were to subpoena DigitalBank Vault  servers?
As we don’t have the secret keys of our users (your secret key is never stored , it is generated on the spot for encrypting and then disappear permanently from the device  ), there is no possibility to disclose any user related information.
Our servers do need to know who is sending a message to whom, so that they can route it to the correct recipient, but they do not log this information, and cannot decrypt the message’s content. Any conversation, video message, text, or phone teleconference is encrypted from your device to the other party’s. We have no access to it, so we can’t disclose what we don’t have access to.
Communications security is an essential part of a cybersecurity strategy. All levels of government and all size businesses are at risk of having their information compromised; the only question is, how high.
No matter where you go, your smartphone is under constant attack from criminals, corporations and foreign governments. Professionals around the world trust their DigitalBank Vault  devices to protect them.
The DigitalBank Vault ® Near to Unhackable Solution
We Don’t allow unknown third-parties to control your data.
Both Calls , Messaging and the DigitalBank Vault ® Operating System, are designed with state of the art, multi-layered military-grade protection and end-to-end encryption to make data breaches practically impossible.
The pieces of pre-programmed code used by various apps provide possible vulnerabilities. We went in and rewrote them to make them 100% secure .
At every reboot, the DigitalBank Vault validation system , scans all the device’s hard drives to check if they are not infected with malware.
The DigitalBank Vault  Secure Operating System makes sure that no third-party apps silently collect data from other apps on the device .
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