The DigitalBank Vault: the Fort Knox of Bitcoin Storage

If you’re looking to secure your bitcoins, then look no further than the DigitalBank Cold Storage Device . We’ve developed a new standard of bitcoin security so you can rest assured that your money is safe as it can be.
Secure bitcoin storage is what we do best. We’ve developed a new standard in bitcoin security that protects your assets by using ultra sophisticated cold storage  , near to unhackable , device  .
Do you have a bitcoin business? Even your company can safely store all of its bitcoin in the DigitalBank Crypto Vault .
Built on the DigitalBank’s  industry-leading, secure bitcoin storage platform, DigitalBank (DGBK)  helps businesses and financial institutions safeguard, organize and manage their bitcoin accounts.


The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is an ultra-secure software and hardware wallet that supports over 500 cryptocurrencies. Its breakthrough is in the signing of transactions without storing any private keys – making the wallet unhackable and bringing true security to crypto finance.
As the cryptocurrency market grows and transforms rapidly, its vulnerabilities become more and more apparent.
Chief among them is the prevalence of hacking and scams that even the most secure wallets cannot always protect against. So we set out to create something that can truly protect crypto users (and in the process, we were able to develop an entirely novel, ultra-secure protocol for
signing transactions and for distributed data storage).
Investors are flocking to the cryptocurrency market in droves.
At the beginning of 2018, the market saw the following:
The total cryptocurrency market capitalization at $800 billion (retrieved Jan 4, 2018).
Daily turnover of crypto currency at $70 billion (retrieved on Jan 4, 2018).
The amount invested in ICOs rose from $26 million in 2014 to $1.3 billion in 2017.
The number of cryptocurrency users has been doubling every year.
All over the world, people are increasingly attracted by the promise of cryptocurrency to democratize investing.
However, while the cryptocurrency market is making giant strides towards mass adoption, it is plagued by cyber attacks and scams that have already cost investors millions of dollars.
The DigitalBank cyber security solution offers a super safe, robust, and flexible way of storing and managing cryptocurrency by introducing distributed secrets, a secure multiparty signing algorithm, a hardware wallet, and decentralized storage of information on the blockchain.
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