Which is the most secure Bitcoin wallet ?

The DigitalBank Advantages :
Today Countries Of Operation of the  Banks are Limited By Capital And Regulation
The DigitalBank is Unlimited, There Are No Country Boundaries
Banks are Limited in Number Of Clients they can accept , the DigitalBank is Unlimited
Current Banking Scalability is extremely Slow And Expensive. DigitalBank is Fast And Relatively Cheap 
Today even the International Transfers are Restricted, Slow And Expensive , while on the DigitalBank are Unrestricted, Fast And Free 
Banking Transfer Values are Restricted . In the DigitalBank they are Determined By The Individual account holder only . 
Cost Of Transactions Up To 5% , while Digital Bank is As low as 0.1% 
Traditional banking Speed of Transaction: Several Days . The DigitalBank will offer instant , immediate transactions. 
Withdrawal Of Funds from Offshore Banking  may take several Days (depending on the amount) , in the DigitalBank is seconds. 
Banks are Control Centralized. The DigitalBank if 100% Decentralized  , the Bank is the hands of the account holders . 
Banks Control the Funds and can even freeze assets.  The DigitalBank is controlled by The Client.