How to Remove Permanently Negative Articles from Google

Online Reputation Management is using extremely aggressive legal procedures against Google, the websites owners , the hosting company , the registrants of the domain and others . We file lawsuits against every possible person connected to the negative webpage you want to takedown .
We transform their everyday life into a legal battle , we force them to come to the courts on a weekly basis , we destroy them in every legal way possible , till they remove permanently the negative webpages against you .
Eveyrthing is done by top level internet lawyers , and all over the World .
You pay only and exclusively after the negative information about you has been take down from the Internet .
In about 80% of the cases , we succeed in getting a court order , forcing Google to remove the negative links from their search results .
We prefer to remove completely the webpage , attacking the website owners and the people responsible for uploading the negative content . We use the best internet investigators , to find out who stands behind the post , article or even comment on a forum .
We then start massive legal procedures , personally against him , and his companies .
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Usually people , prefer to remove the defamative content , before they will get sued and have to come to the court to defend their family and businesses.
We are called WEBCIDE.COM , because it a combination of WEB and CIDE , “cide ” is killing in latin , like suicide, genocide, homocide ….. we kill people online .
We are experts in negative public relations and if you search on google the term ” negative public relations ” you will see that we are on top of page one , even before Wikipedia !
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