How to Remove Negative Articles from the Web is the only reputation management agency that removes your negative Google search results , permanently .
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Contact Online Reputation Management for a free and confidential consultation , you can find our contact details in the description of this video . Or Just start to chat with us online , right now ! provides the only contingency based search engine removal service and Internet reputation repair procedures in the business.
We are experts in Removing Negative Information from the Internet and from Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Results .
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Our Cyber Team take down permanently all types of negative webpages including , articles, blogs ,reviews, court and arrest records , mugshots , court filings , court decisions,bankruptcy records ,images, videos .
What we propose you , is the only permanent solution to your online reputation problems .
Negative information about you or your business its like cancer , you cannot cure it with an aspirin , you need to get rid of it immediately , before it will kill you .
There is only solution : You have to remove the negative from Google , forever .
How it works ?
Very simple : you email us the negative link you want to remove from Google ,Yahoo and Bing , our team will analyze it and confirm you if the link can be permanently removed .
If we confirm that the project is feasible , we will explain you what are the costs and the timetable needed for the link removal .
If you agree , our team will start to work on your project , while keeping you constantly updated about the progress , then when the link is removed , we will update you in regards and only then get paid .
Why Us ?
We are the only online reputation management company that guarantees you a permanent removal
and do not ask you any payment , before the job is done .
Do you want to cure your online cancer ? We are the solution .
ORM companies will propose you to ‘bury’ your negative search results behind page 3 where nobody ever check …. this is a scam ! Major part of the online reputation management industry is a legal online extortion business , and you are the victim .
They will convince you that by publishing a huge quantity of positive content , the negative will be ‘pushed out ‘ from page one . This may happen , but for a short while . Google loves negative information and will always place at least one negative search result about you .
Even if you will succeed to bury some negative search result , it will surface again within a month or so .
Its like cancer , it will continue to come back , till it will kill you .
The ORM companies charge also on a monthly basis ….in order to keep positive information up ….in that way you become their slave for the rest of your life . Good Luck !
We Eradicate Cancer , we remove negative search results from Google , Yahoo and Bing . You will never , ever see again this bad press .
No Upfront Fees , No Monthly Retainers .