How to Remove Defamatory Content From the Internet

How to Remove Bad Press from the Internet
Bad Press,  such as negative articles , negative forum comments , bankruptcy court records , can be removed permanently from Google and the Internet  . is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results from Google and the Web .
Bad Press must be removed from the Internet as soon as possible , before it will damage your online image forever .  Bad online reputation is like cancer , you need to cure it , as soon as you find out about it .  
Contact us , and we will show , on real time , how we delete negative press from the web, forever .
Do you understand that our reputation is as crucial as ever in today’s virtual world, just  a single bad search result can dramatically change forever the public perception of you or your brand.
Google reputation problems can be especially damaging for job seekers : 92% of U.S. companies recruit and screen candidates online.
Do your know that your Online Records are Permanent (That Means Forever – for the rest of your life )
Yes , you have an immediate need for a great online reputation. So whatever is negative must be removed ASAP .
You have to understand that it’s important that you pay attention to what’s out there, and what you continue to leave for others to find.  
The Internet moves at a very fast pace , publishing something negative takes seconds , but  remember the internet is also incredibly slow to forget.
Negative News articles or an unfavorable photo from 10 years ago may still show up on your first page of Google results if the search engine thinks they’re important.
Do you realize that your online reputation may soon impact your ability to get credit ?
Companies are turning to social media when making lender decisions. They are primarily used to confirm identities, but in some cases, they are also assessing creditworthiness.
Reviews and  complaint sites like Yelp and Ripoff Report have thousands of pages of content, and tend to rank very highly in Google. That means if you’ve got a bad review on one of those sites, you are already experiencing reputation problems .
If there is false online information, about you or your company ,  you may be able to use online defamation laws to remove content and even receive a few hundred thousands dollars of compensation , for direct damage to your reputation.
Google Legal department , may also offer some help in de-indexing  personal information from search results, but this is true only to few very specific circumstances.
Let’s be one and for all , honest with ourselves , when we go to Google to check a company or a person, often what we are actually looking for is dirt.
What reviews about your brand  you see right now ? What news articles about you have been written in the past ? Don’t lie to yourself .
In case you are seriously interested to remove negative information from the internet , feel free to contact us , we will analyze the web pages you need to remove from the web and will update you about all the removal solutions available for your case .