Ray Weatherall visits prison to see wife despite her plots to kill him in Sandwich – Kent Live

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Ray Weatherall visits prison to see wife despite her plots to kill him in Sandwich Terminally ill Ray Weatherall, 53, last went to see his wife Hayley for their wedding anniversary Share Ray Weatherall has visited his wife in prison despite her plotting to kill him three times (Image: PA) Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email
A loyal husband is astonishingly visiting prison to see his wife who plotted to murder him three times .
Ray Weatherall, 53, who is terminally-ill, was pictured leaving jail after meeting ruthless partner Hayley for their wedding anniversary.
Hayley, 32, who arranged for her husband to be shot, poisoned and blown up so she could start a new life with his best mate, has also given Ray a card to mark the celebration.
The warped wife drew teddies and wrote: “I love you so much.”
Ray, who is supporting Hayley’s appeal for an early release from her minimum 15-year sentence handed down two months ago, makes regular 200-mile round trips to see her, reports The Mirror . Cheating Hayley Weatherall plotted to kill her terminally ill husband Ray
Last night a family member told the Sunday People: “Ray and Hayley hugged and cuddled in jail. They were very happy to see each other.
“They are very aware though that it’s the only place they will be meeting for a very, very long time.”
In the third anniversary card, Hayley brazenly writes: “I love you so much and miss you even more.
“I know this is not the best way to celebrate our wedding anniversary but this card is me showing you I have not forgotten it and I never will.
“I also know I have already said this and I won’t stop saying this – I am so sorry and I love you more than ever.
“You and our babies are all that matters to me and nothing and no one will ever come between us I swear. All my love, hugs and kisses, Hayley.” The anniversary card Hayley Weatherall made for husband Ray
Incredibly, Ray is standing by his wife despite her terrifying campaign to plot his death.
Cruel Hayley conspired with her lover Glenn Pollard, 49, and his daughter Heather, 20, to get rid of the dad of seven.
Ray was shot in the face by Heather with a sniper’s rifle at Sandwich marina in Kent.
When that failed, Hayley and Pollard – Ray’s best friend – talked about poisoning him, administering a fatal cocktail of sleeping pills and insulin, and pushing him overboard on a fishing trip.
Ray also suffered burns in a swimming pool heater explosion which the prosecution claimed was part of the plot.
Pollard’s daughter carried out internet searches on “Techniques on silent killing”, “Creative ways to kill someone” and “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught”. Glenn Pollard was Ray Weatherall’s best friend for 30 years but was jailed for his role in plotting to kill him
But this Christmas Ray, who has terminal brain cancer, gave his wife cardigans and a Boyzone CD containing her favourite love songs.
They included Life Is a Roller Coaster, Can’t Stop Thinking About You, Baby Can I Hold You and I Love The Way You Love Me.
A family friend said: “He wanted to get her perfume but the prison would not let her because it’s a liquid.
“They won’t take any chances. Instead he got her a Boyzone CD.
“Boyzone are one of her favourite bands. The songs mean a lot to her. They are very emotional lyrics and they mean a lot to her. It’s all about love and relationships.
“One of her favourites is Life Is a Rollercoaster. I think it sums up her life and relationship well.” Hayley Weatherall is serving a minimum 15 years in prison
Hayley, who lost her first husband to cancer, is at Bronzefield Prison in Surrey which holds around 135 women and is the biggest female prison in Europe.
Inmates include some of Britain’s most dangerous females, including Bristol schoolgirl Becky Watts’ killer Shauna Hoare, 23, serial killer Joanna Dennehy, 35, and transgender double rapist Jessica Winfield, 51.
The family friend added: “Hayley is very sorry for what she’s done. The situation is such a mess.
“There’s not many people like Ray though who would forgive her. It wasn’t that long ago that she and her lover were trying to murder the poor bloke. He just gets on with life.
“When he visits her there’s a lot of shock inside the prison.
“They can’t believe he’s standing by her. Nothing will stop him visiting though. It’s something they really look forward to.” Ray Weatherall is still visiting his wife Hayley in prison
Hayley, of Canterbury, Kent, Pollard and his daughter were found guilty at Maidstone Crown Court last November of conspiracy to murder.
After the trial a police officer involved in the case said: “Frankly the victim is lucky to be alive.”
Pollard got a minimum 17 years and Heather was sentenced to 15.
Both are planning to appeal against the length of sentence and Pollard is also appealing against his conviction. Heather Pollard is also in jail
The close friend added: “Nobody is surprised about Hayley’s appeal against the sentence. She was absolutely stunned when she got life in prison with a minimum 15 years.
“I think she was thinking 10 years, out in half for good behaviour.
“She doesn’t realise just how serious what she did was.
“But nobody thinks any of these appeals will succeed. It’s a waste of time and money,” the friend added.
“Heather was the one that shot Ray. Nobody can still believe how he survived that, let alone everything else that has been thrown at the poor man.
“And Pollard planned it all. The evidence was overwhelming.
“They’re trying it on. They should all accept what they have done and serve their prison sentences.
“It’ll be taxpayers’ money being spent on this. It’s not fair on Ray either. Although he knows Hayley’s appeal against the sentence won’t have a lot of success, he’ll still be thinking about it.
“He still loves her and stands by her. It must be intense love. I don’t think he can live without her.” The gun used to shoot Mr Weatherall at Sandwich Marina
The murderous trio were found unanimously guilty by the jury of eight men and four women after about 20 hours of deliberation.
Ray, who used to be a bouncer, claimed that not long after he found out he was dying he told Pollard he would be happy for him and his wife to form a relationship after he died.
Hayley and Ray had been together for nine years and got married in 2015, just before Ray’s cancer diagnosis.
The affair and plot to murder him started shortly after that.
When they were frustrated that Ray had survived, Hayley sent her lover a text, which said: “They didn’t do a very good job did they? He’s still here.”
When Judge Adele Williams sentenced the trio, she said the plot had “determination and persistence” and the extent of the planning and extreme lengths they were prepared to go was staggering. Ray Weatherall still has bullet lodged in his cheek
The family friend said: “Hayley realises what she has done and just keeps saying sorry all the time.
“She phones Ray quite regularly and they have nice chats together. But it’s not the same.
“Ray usually goes up on a Sunday to see her. It takes a lot out of him.
“They talk about the good times they had, like their wedding. Read More

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