POONGKUMARN – Prasert is on The Paradise Papers Tax Evasion List

POONGKUMARN – Prasert is on The Paradise Papers Tax Evasion List

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The Paradise Papers is a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relating to offshore investments that were leaked to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. The Hacking Team is now sharing on Google.com, for all to see .

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The Paradise documents originate from the offshore law firm Appleby, the corporate services providers Estera and Asiaciti Trust, and business registries in 19 tax jurisdictions. They contain the names of more than 120,000 people and companies.

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The public will get a glimpse at the tens of thousands of names — including those of more than 3,000 Canadians and Canadian companies — in the Paradise Papers. Key information from the huge leak of tax-free financial records, including the names of offshore companies and the people behind them.

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What is Appleby?

A law firm that helps corporations, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals set up and register companies in offshore jurisdictions.
Founded in Bermuda and with a history dating back to the 1890s, it has become one of the largest and best known of about 10 major companies involved in the specialist arena. The leak shows the US dominates Appleby’s client register, with more than 31,000 US addresses for clients. There were more than 14,000 UK addresses and 12,000 in Bermuda.

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Why is it in the public interest?

The media partners say the investigation is in the public interest because data leaks from the world of offshore have repeatedly exposed wrongdoing. The leaks have led to hundreds of investigations worldwide, resulting in politicians, ministers and even prime ministers being forced from office.

More than 100 UK millionaires have been identified as tax dodgers after hiding their wealth using offshore schemes.

Documents in the Paradise Papers leak show the identities of taxpayers who moved assets worth tens of millions of pounds into companies in Mauritius.

The tax avoidance schemes involve them claiming to no longer own property, cash and investments in order to keep their fortunes out of reach of HMRC.

It appears many of them use the companies like personal bank accounts.

This allows them to continue to enjoy the benefit of their hidden riches.

But this ends today . Everything will be investigated and will be published online and will appear on top of the Google search results of the person or company involved . “We think this is the kind of basic information that should be made available to people around the world,”

The hope is that public scrutiny of the material will turn up tips about possible tax shenanigans or corruption and shed more light on the often murky world of offshore finance.

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What is the Paradise Papers row?

The Queen was embroiled in a tax row after it emerged her private estate is among the ranks of the mega-rich secretly investing cash in offshore tax havens.

More than 13 million leaked financial documents, dubbed the Paradise Papers, alleged that the Duchy of Lancaster, which handles the Queen’s £500million estate and investments, has held funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Around £10million of the Queen’s private cash is said to have been tied up in offshore portfolios, the BBC reported.

There is nothing to suggest that any investments are illegal, the broadcaster added.

The estate also had small investments in the controversial rent-to-buy retailer BrightHouse and the Threshers chain of off-licences, which went bust owing £17.5m in tax and costing almost 6,000 people their livelihood.

BrightHouse was ordered to pay £14.8million pounds to 249,000 customers after the financial watchdog found it had treated them unfairly.

The Duchy told the BBC it was not involved in decisions made by funds and there is no suggestion the Queen had any knowledge of the specific investments made on her behalf.