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Online Brand Reputation Management. How to Delete Negative Search Results from Google

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We takedown permanently negative information from the Internet, we remove articles, blog pages, images, videos and posts directly from their websites, we eliminate defamation sites and de-index negative Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.



When it comes to fighting a damaging or personal search result online, the end-game is usually to prevent people from seeing that result. While suppression, de-indexing, and deletion may ultimately share this desired outcome, these are all unique solutions.

When it comes to removal requests, search engines often focus on de-indexing the offending pages. Search engines don’t usually “delete” the site from existence then remove every trace of the unfavorable content. This terminology is helpful to understand when removing Google search results, so you know what exactly is happening.

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Similarly, the process of de-indexing a Google search result means that the actual webpage still exists, but you won’t find it when you search for it on that search engine.

While de-indexing is a great way to reduce the chances that people will see this content, the reality is that even when a site is de-indexed, the source webpage is still accessible, and still a potential threat.

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Our International Legal Team takedown permanently all types of negative webpages including, articles, blogs, reviews, court and arrest records, mugshots, court filings, court decisions, bankruptcy records, images, videos.

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In terms of truly deleting the source of the problematic content, it’s possible but depends largely on the webmaster or owner of the site.

If this webmaster is responsive, cooperative, or legally compelled, they have the ability to delete the page or site in question. Once the site or page is deleted, search engines will eventually realize that this page no longer exists and exclude the address from search results.

While both are great in the long-term, there are of course some disadvantages.

Neither site nor search engine removal guarantees the complete elimination of personal content. Even after content is gone from the site or search engines, it’s still possible for people to access it on a cached version of the site. The information could even pop up on another site if the information was saved or if a screenshot was taken at some point.

Even if this content is removed from the original site, there’s always the chance that it could make a grand re-entry somewhere else online. As you can see, removing Google search results isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

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