NRL player Bolton pleads guilty to assault

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NRL player Scott Bolton leaves Waverley Court in Sydney – AAP 1 of 1 5370537724001
NRL veteran Scott Bolton has admitted he’s not proud of his behaviour after he drunkenly touched a woman’s upper thigh as she tried to move away from him in a Sydney bar.
The North Queensland Cowboys prop had denied a charge of indecent assault at Bondi Beach Public Bar in May 2018 and in Waverley Local Court on Monday, following discussions with police, that charge was withdrawn and the 31-year-old pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of common assault.
“I am not proud of the behaviour I displayed on the night and want to assure everyone I will not place myself in a similar position again,” Bolton said in a statement on Monday afternoon.
He apologised for his actions and the distress they caused to the victim, his wife, family, teammates and fans.
The agreed facts state the woman was sitting alone on a sofa and using her mobile phone when Bolton gave her a high-five to get her attention.
He “slumped down” next to her but she moved along the seat “in an attempt to distance herself” and tried to leave by pushing past Bolton’s legs.
“Whilst doing so the accused reached forward, touching the victim’s upper thigh,” the facts state.
The woman then approached bar staff. The entire incident was captured on CCTV.
Bolton was interviewed by police and identified himself in the video but was “unable to elaborate on full details”.
His inability to recall the night’s events appear to be related to his level of intoxication at the time of the offence, the facts state.
The rugby league player on Monday avoided conviction but was put on a 12-month good behaviour release order.
Bolton had been prepared to “vigorously contest” the indecent assault charge hanging over his head, barrister Ben Clark told the court.
“Unfortunately, mud sticks,” he said.
“Despite the fact that the charge (common assault) is what it is … there will always be somewhat of a shadow cast over him.”
Magistrate Greg Grogin said Bolton was “not placed on a pedestal by the court” and it was “a fact of life” professional football players faced scrutiny for any wrongdoing.
“It can’t be forgotten that Mr Bolton put himself in the spotlight by committing an offence,” he said.
Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Jamie Palmer said such alcohol-fuelled behaviour – whether it be by footballers, men or members of the community in general – was unacceptable.
At the time of the assault, the Cowboys were in Sydney having beaten Penrith Panthers the previous day, May 4.
Bolton was charged on May 6 and tearfully fronted reporters to say he couldn’t comment.
Cowboys general manager of football, Peter Parr, on Monday said the facts “confirm Scott’s insistence” that he never touched the woman indecently.
“Scott pleaded guilty to the common assault and the court accepted that there was no indecent conduct or violence on his part,” Mr Parr told reporters outside court.
“It’s been a difficult process for all involved so we just want to move on now and get ready for our season.”
Bolton made his NRL debut with the Cowboys in 2007 and helped guide them to the 2015 premiership.
He played 13 games after the incident in 2018 and the team finished 13th on the ladder. Latest articles

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