Mainstream Adoption of Bitcoin Will Send Price to the Sky

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Cryptocurrencies levitated off yearly lows Sunday, with Litecoin and bitcoin SV emerging the biggest winners following an early weekend retreat. Another shake-up in the top-20 suggests 2019 will be a pivotal year for altcoins and tokens, which have struggled to remain relevant in the face of increasing bitcoin dominance and declining interest among retail investors.
Bitcoin Recovers
The leading digital currency experienced a modest relief rally on Sunday after setting a new yearly low the previous morning. BTC is currently valued at $3,266, having gained 2% on the day. The price peaked just above $3,305 earlier in the session.
Trading in BTC on virtual currency exchanges has declined sharply over the weekend; on Sunday, total daily turnover reached $3.8 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. Spot trading as a share of overall market activity rose to more than 80% with BTC/USDT, ETH/USD and BTC/KRW the most dominant pairs.
With a market cap of nearly $57 billion, bitcoin exerts a strong gravitational pull on altcoins and tokens. Bitcoin’s share of the overall market cap, now at 55%, has risen steadily during the latest leg of the bear market.
Bitcoin SV Leads Rally
In terms of best individual performers, bitcoin SV launched an 18% gain on Sunday as the protocol’s backers remained committed to achieving market dominance in the long term. Craig Steven Wright, one of SV’s most prominent backers, says he’s in it for the long haul in the wake of last month’s hard fork. This comes despite overwhelming support for bitcoin cash ABC, the primary implementation of the BCH hard fork.
Wright appears no longer keen on attacking the competing protocol but will instead focus on brand and business development to attract new users.
In its short history, SV has demonstrated an ability to move inversely with the broader market. This has allowed it to quickly scale the market cap rankings but also fall just as quickly. On Sunday, the coin was worth $77.50 for a total value of nearly $1.4 billion.
Waves Skyrockets
Waves coin briefly cracked the top-20, adding to a string of gains since the end of November that have set the digital currency apart from its peers. At the time of writing, Waves had slipped back to 22nd place with a value of $2.47 and a market cap of $247.4 million. Astonishingly, the cryptocurrency has gained nearly 160% since Nov. 25. Over the same stretch, the broader cryptocurrency market fell by 13%.
As a token customization platform, Waves operates its own decentralized exchange where new tokens can trade alongside major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Litecoin. At last check, the decentralized exchange had 69 crypto listings and over 20,000 custom tokens.
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