James Singleton – JMSI, LLC / JMS, LLC



Purchase date: April 2019
Buyer’s name: James Singleton – JMSI, LLC / JMS, LLC
Buyer’s username: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: 980-299-0879
Buyer’s address 77 Center Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217
Store: other
Buyer’s country: United States
Payment method: Wire Transfer
Category: Business & Industrial

James Singleton currently has an unresolved balance exceeding $25,000.00 USD for products which were delivered as agreed. He has avoided any attempt to resolve this debt for two years and has ceased any attempts to respond to any communications for over a year. We have sought out legal counsel and intend to resolve this accordingly.

James scammed multiple business while doing business in Kuwait as JMSI, LLC. He was deported from Kuwait following a short jail sentence and now has a registered business in the United States. He continues to avoid resolving his debts to multiple vendors.

Contact details for other vendors seeking resolution:

Joint Material Support, LLC
77 Center Drive Building 5501
Charlotte, NC 28217
(347) 434-3634

Reported at: