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comment Comments TWO MEN WANTED TO HELP WITH SEPARATE WESTFIELD EVENTS: About 2pm on January 6, a man described as in his 30s, of large build, 180cm tall, Caucasian appearance, greying hair and greying beard, in green striped shirt, pink long shorts, red joggers and carrying a blue packpack, approached McDonald’s Westfield Liverpool. He ordered and handed over a $50 note. Staff, suspicious, called the manager who identified it as counterfeit The manager spoke to the man who repeatedly tried to retrieve the note which was declined. He walked away. Liverpool police seek the public’s help to find the man pictured left to help with their enquiries into this. They also seek a man following another Westfield incident on December 30. He’s described as of Mediterranean appearance, dark hair, long top and short sides, in a black shirt with a white motif and sunglasses with yellow arms. He was with two women described as of Caucasian appearance with long dark hair tied up. About 2.50pm, a Westfield lift was damaged leaving it inoperable. Any information about either of the pictured men to Liverpool police, 9765 9499.
On December 19, Liverpool police were called to Liverpool hospital over a male patient threatening staff with scissors. Allegedly, he held them to the throat of a nurse and lunged at security with them. Police attended and physically restrained him. He was sedated by medical staff and remained in hospital for treatment as a result of his original complaint before the incident.
He was later released into police custody and was charged with threatening injury with intent, using an offensive weapon with intent, taking someone with intent and common assault. He was refused bail and is due in Liverpool court on February 13. Three arrested on drugs charges
On December 18, Liverpool detectives ran a drug operation which saw three men, all 33, arrested over significant drug offences. This followed a three-month investigation for offences of supplying a prohibited drug (commercial quantity), ongoing supply, having prohibited drugs, weapons offences and running or participating in a criminal group.
The three were refused bail and are due in Liverpool court late this month. Four men attack a disabled man
Three men, all 18, and one 17 have been charged with robbery in company and taking a person in company with intent. About 9,30pm on December 23, the four males approached a man, 28, in Collimore Park at Liverpool and slapped his head and belittled his disabilities.
The males frisked the victim and took his wallet and phone before demanding more money. Under threat, the victim got into the car with them and was driven home where they demanded money from him victim and his mother. A short time later, the four males left. Police were immediately given a description of the car. Police airwing was in the vicinity and found the car near Gill Avenue at Liverpool. Ground police were directed to the location and arrested the four males. At the time the car was stopped, police found stolen goods.
All four were refused bail and are due in Campbelltown children’s court and Liverpool court this month. Learner pinged on four counts
About 7.30pm on December 22, Liverpool police were doing stationary random breath tests on Glenfield Road and saw a silver Falcon turn into some townhouses before reaching the RBT site, leave soon afterwards and drive away. Police followed and stopped the driver a short time later after driving through back streets. Police spoke to the learner driver, a man, 40, who said he’d had some beers. He was given a roadside breath test which was positive. He was arrested and given breath analysis which read 0.198.
When the car was stopped, police found the front passenger was unlicensed. The driver was issued a court-attendance notice for high-range drink-driving, beng an unaccompanied learner, not showing L-plates and not carrying a license. His permit was suspended immediately and he’s due in Liverpool court on January 30. Teenager on L-plate charges
About 5.25pm on December 22, Liverpool police tried to stop a driver for a random breath test at Carnes Hill . The driver appeared to be young and had four passengers. Police activated warning devices but the driver didn’t stop and police gave chase. It lasted for six minutes and covered 5.5km.
During this time, the car reached 115km/h in a 70km/h zone and disobeyed a red light causing other drivers to take evasive action.
The car finally stopped on Minnamurra Circuit where the driver, a West Hoxton boy, 17, was arrested. Police found the car was unregistered and the driver was on his Ls. He was taken to Liverpool police station where he was charged with being an unaccompanied learner, not showing L-plates, using an unregistered and uninsured car, using a car with unpaid vehicle tax and causing a police chase. He was granted bail to be in Liverpool court on January 16. . . . and more L-plate charges
About 11.15pm on December 30, Liverpool police detected a P2 provisional driver doing 172 km/h on the M5 at Moorebank . Under his license, his legal limit was 100km/h. It was his third over-45km/h infringement n two years. Police found the plates on his car were wrong and the registration had been cancelled. The driver, a Sadlier man, 20, was issued a court-attendance notice to be in Liverpool court on January 20 for exceeding the speed over 45km/h, drive and unregistered and uninsured car and displaying false plates. His license was immediately suspended.

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