HOQU (HQX) ICO Investors Alert !

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Beware of HOQU (HQX) ICO , take into consideration that all ICOs are unregulated ,and do not provide protection to investors ,in case of fraud or loss.

After a careful evaluation it looks like HOQU (HQX) , has no clear business plans. And while investors might hope that the HOQU (HQX) tokens appreciate in value, as those in the bitcoin and Ethereum networks have done, that may not ever happen . The SEC is on the lookout for pump-and-dump schemes , and we will pass them our reports about HOQU (HQX) ICO .

Wall Street’s top regulator has a warning for mom-and-pop investors who are rushing into the booming market for initial coin offerings: the space is probably full of fraud.

The Wolf of Wall Street Thinks that ICOs Are ‘The Biggest Scam Ever’

Post your Anonymous Complaints & Reviews Today about HOQU (HQX) ICO .

EMAIL US at [email protected] , about all the inside information you have about the HOQU (HQX) ICO .

We even googled the cell number and e-mails  that are connected to the HOQU (HQX) ICO team — and found traces of previous activities in the far corners of the web, that told us a lot about the team members .

Are you confident that the team has the ability to deliver versus what is promised and are the goals achievable? The Answer is NO !!

We investigated the legal side. Look up at the website domain , the real registration address, their offices location  — we even sent an offline mail to the office mentioned .

You can also easily check if they are a real member of the Bitcoin community through a very handy feature on Bitcointalk, the most popular cryptocurrency forum out there where this projects are usually announced.

Speaking about the HOQU (HQX) ICO theme, or their business concept, we really do not think there’s a market for that kind of product and even if there is , there are stong rivals in the field already . Scam can be seen by an over optimistic or too general description and this is what happened with HOQU (HQX) ICO .

After SEC & MAS reports, everybody knows one can’t just issue ‘randomcoins’. So if a token is not supported by anything (i.e bonuses, ecosystem, company share etc), its issuer might be a scam. So how the HOQU (HQX) ICO tokens are actually backed up ? Good Question indeed !

Be sure to check the past track record of the team and learn about any of the completed projects that are available to you.

For the more technically inclined, check whether the project’s code is open for scrutiny on github.

The HOQU (HQX) ICO project’s code appears to be cloned from another token/app , this means it is likely to be a scam.

Before investing in HOQU (HQX) ICO : Put questions towards the project team and draw conclusions from the types of responses you receive or discussions you read in these forms.

Point number one that differentiates a good trader from a poor trader from day one of trading is the ability to detect scam or fake ICOs or at least the progression of the desire to. Mark you most scam ICOs that come from experienced scammers are hard to know or detect because even complicated computer-based techniques are used to spoof and woe people into fake and scam ICOs.

Fake ICO sites and cloned ICO sites are on the rise and they appear more real than ever before because technology to aid cloning and emulation of trustworthy senders and websites is now much better. So you might get a phishing message that has malicious links that direct you to unsafe websites or cloned websites designed to look exactly like the genuine original ones, and hence participate in a fake or scam ICO.

Some links will even direct you to spoofed wallet addresses such that you send funds to the scammer’s mixing pool instead of the ICO’s multisig or wallet. After that, it is almost impossible to recover unless the whole chain is hardforked or reversed and the scammer deposits are deleted.

Most scams of this nature advertise ICOs through emails and message boards (in platforms).

Cryptocurrency Scams Exposed ! How to detect if this cryptocurrency fraud or not ? Top Cryptocurrency Scams To Watch Out For ! BEWARE OF PYRAMID CRYPTOCURRENCY FRAUDS .


Are the project developers open to dialogue?
Are they forthcoming or are they evasive? ( Check by yourself ….you will not like what you hear )
Are responses specific or do the parties involved speak in generalities? ( Generalities from what we found out )

Do they come off as overly optimistic? YES , they are !

Good question you must ask yourself before buying their HOQU (HQX) tokens are :

“Could this project be accomplished using a token that is already in existence, such as Ether?
“Is the creation of a new token necessary?”

According to our analysts the HOQU (HQX) project will not be able to acquire a share of the market space , with their product innovation or services.

How long has the HOQU (HQX) project been in development? Nobody really knows .

The HOQU (HQX) project has no substantial record of progress over several months and has only recently appeared, this is a sign to be very cautious.

Is the token supported or projected to be supported on more than one exchange now or in the near future? Very Difficult to answer in HOQU (HQX) case .

How will the tokens be used, by whom and are there any indications of support coming from the market? We do not know !!

We have a lot of unanswered question regarding the HOQU (HQX) ICO :

Will there a cap on the maximum amount of coins that will ever be produced, like bitcoin, or will there be a steady increases in the number of tokens issued over time that could effect the value of all tokens in the future?

How will the token be used in the network and is it even necessary?

From what we read online the HOQU (HQX) ICO , often makes bold claims about their product even though said project offers nothing new or disruptive.

No serious team will ever make a price prediction about their token or claim it can fix the world. But the HOQU (HQX) ICO team did exactly that on their website . AGAIN RED FLAG .

The HOQU (HQX) ICO whitepaper is a real Buzzword salads , looks good , but when you actually sit down to digest it, this ICO taste like vague claims and empty promises.
You do not only want to see a very thorough whitepaper, but also look for a variety of complementary resources such as SWOT analysis, financial model, wallet design, competitor analysis, institutional studies, and more

We anayzed the matter and there is NOT a strong business case for HOQU (HQX) technology.

When evaluating the HOQU (HQX) ICO, the good first question to ask is: “Do they need a blockchain or a native token for this project?” The answer is no to both, chances are the ICO project is an example of solutionism — crypto for crypto’s sake — or a scam.

Compromised escrows

For starters, funds during ICOs are usually stored and transferred through an escrow system known as a multi-sig system. The owners of a multi-sig system are two or more trusted members of the community (each with one key) and one project team member so that the one project team member will need permission from the two keys of a 2-out-of-3 multi-sig wallet in order to move funds.

Funds do not get moved until the promise is delivered and deal sealed. Scammers play around the idea of this wallet by, for instance, creating a disguised profile to be party in the multi-sig escrow system such that 2 of the three parties are one and the same person and therefore the person can move the funds easily.

Nothing to offer in the whitepaper

For anyone willing to invest in an ICO, please check the ICO project’s whitepaper for more technical and real information before moving forward. What you expect from a real ICO is high-level descriptions and specifications, step by step, about how the project will go on and how the technology works.

You will get charts, calculations, simulations, formulas and other specifications. Some ICO scams will not reach that level probably because they target unsuspecting investors who either do not have time to read whitepapers or do not know whether one even exists. However, many do.

While most ICOs do not have a product, their service description must be convincing. For a serious investor, these investments are high risk and so you want to be sure and thus you should go into understanding the ICO project details in the whitepaper, and that’s how you will differentiate even a deeply hidden ICO scam from a good project that offers real meat. The question is do you understand the white paper well enough that you can defend the project?

Remember you can always get third party help in checking whether an ICO has anything good to offer so do not go on hurriedly and blindly unless you are sure the project is right.

That said, know third party tools that help detect scams: Wings is one of the tools that help to detect ICO scams by first analyzing the whitepapers of the projects proposed, the project features and the campaigns.

Wings lists ICOs that have registered with it and some would shy away from registering because it can be hard to defend their projects in public or at the face of criticisms. But the analysis by third party tools can also help you detect those ICOs lying to you with a bold face.

Most ICO scams are easy to detect right away for their shady campaigns, but this tool goes further into giving you details of why certain projects aren’t worthy your time and money.

You might also want to follow up discussions about the project at BitcoinTalk, a popular cryptocurrency forum where members even expose fake and scam ICOs.

ICOs will usually have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So keep an eye out for the Escrow participants and the escrow conditions. This may save you some money. We do not think that the X startup is using the top Escrow service . And if it’s not, it can be a good indicator about the ICO being a non-authentic one.

Ask them the right questions before investing even one single dollar in the HOQU (HQX) ICO .

While there are definitely some companies building innovative things on top of blockchains (and in the crypto space generally), there are many fraudulent groups who are looking for a quick cash grab. The field can be even more confusing to navigate when malicious groups get celebrity endorsements. Surely a trusted face would vet whoever they support?

Realize that even if a blockchain startup passes all of these tests, it doesn’t mean for certain that they aren’t trying to scam investors out of their money.

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No code repository

Genuine ICOs always have code at repositories like Github or Sourceforge, which you could count on even if the whitepaper does not contain anything sensible. Some of the ICOs to worry about are those without code at all and those with just a clone with a few changed lines on the code.

Shady pasts and shady histories of developers

Anonymity of developers should not be enough reason to reject an ICO project. Also, you cannot reject developers simply because they just entered the field the other day. They could shine like any experienced developers and that has been shown to be true.

However, if the developer has a profile to check out or has run any projects in the past, you might want to check whether those projects were successful because most scammers will always come back to steal more even when past projects were total scams. Do your research to find out who the developers or ask the online cryptocurrency community.

You can follow discussions about ICO projects on BitcoinTalk and see if the developers have had past projects as well as other details of their accounts. The forum could also mention scam projects or shady projects you need to shun. You need to go past that by asking and checking if the developer is running multiple BitcoinTalk accounts to promote his or her stuff or check why that could be so…it happens.

The buzzword salad
Fake and scam ICOs are interested in making their project statements and paragraphs and websites look and sound great, so there is a lot of buzzwords and absolutely nothing new for the reader and potential investor to learn. It turns out that the combination of attractive words, facts and new information will make a text look and sound great in the full description of the word great. \

If you are an investor who is interested in or who gets wooed easily only by attractive words, you might be in the wrong cause so please be sure to go deeper than that. Once you get excited with any ICO offer, know that the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real and deal with it by taking time to decipher the facts from the company statements.

Goals are unrealistic

The first tact you can use to defend yourself against a fake or scam ICO — or even an ICO not worthy your time — is ascertaining that the project goals are indeed unrealistic. While an ICO could have a genuine interest for business but lack realistic goals (which is an indicator that you should not invest in it in the first place even if it was genuine), this strategy can help you deal with people out to steal your money through an ICO.

Most fake and scam ICOs boldly defend their projects and products but have nothing new or innovative features to offer in the market, so it is almost certain that their project will collapse after a while.

Besides, fake ICOs make vague claims. Usually, they will claim that they can get huge gains within short time but cannot back that up with substantial claims, or make weird claims like they will finally end all the global crises in the ICO world of computers and digits. Actually, instead of giving details of the project for anyone to assess and scrutinize, they are more fascinated with projections of a better future and better market prices and gains.

Fake pictures

A lot of scammers have a lot of technical know-how, background and experience. They know a lot of things way ahead of potential investors and that is one reason many people get scammed. Most of scammers won’t use fake pictures as their profiles because they know that there is a free software to detect picture forgery.

However, they might use this technique to aid other techniques in scamming. For instance, they could Photoshop pictures and put them on profiles of people you won’t be interested in checking such as banking professionals they claim to be in partnerships with.


Ensure that a Startup Seeks to Solve a Significant Business Problem

Obviously, to be paid back, money must be invested in a business that makes a difference. Therefore, in the case of TGEs, with their multimillion crowdsales, the executive team must address a prominent problem. As without this foundation, there isn’t any credibility. Is it?

Is it clear how a startup’s proposition works and why would customers buy into it?

In general, during the development of their fundamental business strategy, the majority of ICO sturtups focus on attracting investments. Originally, they may not even care about the future elaboration or even operational processes of their products. They simply endeavor to encourage crypto-investors to buy their tokens actively within a certain period. Without a doubt, it’s the wrong approach. The reason being that all of this is extremely important for the future operations of a sturup as a mature business unit. These things will determine whether the price of a token issued by a company goes up or down at the crypto-exchanges. Obviously, all ICO supporters are waiting for 10x capital gain, but the majority of us do not care about the deadlines for a project release.

Is there enough information on which to base an investment decision?

It’s obligatory to piece all the facts together to make an informed decision regarding your investments. Thus, you should determine if a company conducted market research to identify a particular problem based on qualitative and quantitative arguments. Its white paper must contain facts supporting the arguments that prove a company’s ability to provide a solution to a problem while getting an income.

So, before investing in an ICO, you should find the following sections in the White Paper of a startup:

Profound research identifying a problem and why an industry must resolve it;
Problem evaluation determining the main aspects of a problem;
Providing a Unique Solution (product) based on the first sections;
Description of Benefits of the solution for all parties (token holders, employees and clients);
Finally, it’s necessary to explain how funds raised will be spent on building a product from the ground up.

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