What are the Hardware Bitcoin Wallets to Store Bitcoins ?

What are the Hardware Bitcoin Wallets to Store Bitcoins ?
The DigitalBank Solution to Cyber Secured Crypto Storage : There is a saying in the crypto world—if you don’t hold your private key, someone else does. This has certainly been the case cryptocurrency exchanges, where millions of user funds have been stolen in recent months.
​So how can users protect their private keys (and funds) from hackers.
To perform a standard transaction using another wallet, you make use of a private key (a long, randomized alphanumeric string of data known only to you) and a public key that is out there for everyone to see.
Secrecy is paramount, because if anyone else gets their hands on your private key, they have just as much power to access your funds as you do. While this setup is great for verifying transactions without revealing your private key, that key can beand has beenstolen.
And mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies cannot happen until investor funds are truly secure. Even keeping your private key completely offline in a paper wallet (literally written on a piece of paper) is less than optimal, since that piece of paper can be lost, destroyed in a fire, or stolen. Instead of generating and storing a private key, the DigitalBank Vault Device, uses a different system . Any kind of ” Keys” never leaves its device (so can’t be intercepted).
The Private Key is never stored on the device . This means that each transaction is trustlessly verified without exposing any sensitive information about the users involved.
The result is an ultra secured crypto storage device , that is a huge step up in crypto security.