The DigitalBank Vault is the world’s most secured crypto bank

The DigitalBank Vault wants to build a protected gateway that facilitates movement of assets between the crypto and traditional financial markets for major financial investors.
With safety, security and performance as core values.
The DigitalBank Vault is focused on helping both traditional and crypto market participants make the most out of opportunities arising from the growth of crypto currencies and assets.
DB : World’s Most Secure Crypto Wallet
The Fort Knox Of Crypto Banking . DB is the most secure Bitcoin Vault available .
Based on sophisticated biometrical algorithms. No need to remember passwords , not need to type passwords . No Ports . No Backdoors .
No third party involved .No private key stored . No data stored . Lifetime access guaranteed .
The DigitalBank Vault will promote the mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto by helping people understand the potential blockchain holds to ignite global economic reform and financial Inclusion.
Core to our goal to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the new world of crypto is a pronged Go-To-Market strategy, made up of an exceptional online banking experience, a vision to have a physical presence in major financial centres and an educational arm to provide the best education possible for digital asset protection and growth.
How it Works
Unbreakable Encryption
Your Biometrical Data : Fingertips , Face and Iris Scans , creates your U.D.I ( Unique Digital Identity ) . Our proprietary algorithm takes your UDI and transform it in your Private Key
You become your own private key .


​Private Key is never stored anywhere , at any time . Your Biometric Data , is never stored anywhere , it generates your private key in an 100% secured way , the same second is needed for approving transactions and then is immediately whipped out from any temporary memory .
The DigitalBank Crypto Vault Device , allows the user to store an unlimited amount of funds without any risk or possibility of loss.
The DB Crypto Vault Device users ,will enjoy the highest level of security knowing that their funds are stored without any potential security flaws.
The DigitalBank Solution is better than any Cold Storage or Paper Wallet

The Most Secured Crypto Vault on Earth

Ultra Secured Crypto Storage solutions are at the core of all that we do at DB.
Our main goal is finding new and revolutionary encryption methods  , that will help build a more secure tomorrow in the Crypto and Banking  Industry  .


At any given time, there are no third parties involved , we never know your private key and biometrics or store them on servers.
​There are no ports , no backdoors , no downloads are allowed .
​No need to type passwords , No need to remember passwords .
​Lifetime Access Guaranteed .
​Security is never compromised .
​If the device is seized or stolen, taken apart and forensically analyzed no data can be retrieved.
​User Friendly Dashboard – No possibility to ‘user errors’ that maybe end with loss of crypto
The DigitalBank Vault believes its presence on the markets , will inspire confidence and reduce the perception the new world of crypto is a wild, unregulated market comprised of fly-by-night operations.
The Fort Knox of Crypto Banking – World’s Most Secured Hardware Wallet
The DB Hardware Wallet is a separate “isolated” device , Wifi Only , No Ports ,
No need to download firmware updates ,  not storing any data , including private keys -not transmitting private keys at any time .


100% anonymous accounts : nothing is stored , on any third party servers . DB is the most secure vault for your digital assets. Buy , Sell , Send , Receive and Store bitcoins, and all major cryptocurrencies including all ERC20 tokens , in the safest way available today  .
No passwords to remember , your Biometric Data is your private key to your Crypto Funds .
Private keys can never be exposed because  are not stored anywhere .
Lifetime Access Guaranteed