The DigitalBank Vault is the world’s most secure crypto storage system

The DigitalBank Vault is the world’s most secure crypto storage system .
We are focused on developing confidence in crypto markets.
This is a giant leap forward and surpasses the security of paper wallets and even the most sophisticated forms of cold storage.
The DigitalBank Vault offers Government -grade storage for cryptographic keys, valuable assets and/or data.
If the device is seized or stolen, taken apart and forensically analyzed the private keys cannot be retrieved.
Requires no technical skill at all. Impossible to lose funds due to user error.
No way for attacker to access funds stored by device either online or locally.
Takes minutes to set-up and will support an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. Following simple steps, there is no risk of compromising security during set-up.
Is equally convenient for long term storage and frequent daily transactions. Security is never compromised.


Private keys can never be exposed and are not stored anywhere, ever.
Our primary go-to-market focus will be helping our clients achieve exceptional performance in terms of crypto wealth management and growth, within a safe and end to end encrypted environment.
The DigitalBank Vault aims to bring crypto and blockchain products and services to the market by providing an easy-to-use and fully secured ,one-stop crypto banking solution, offering products and services for private individuals and institutional investors, as well as corporate investors.


The DigitalBank Vault is an extremely promising start-up with an ambitious mission.
A system with a high level of security must be simple to use. If it requires a high level of technical skill, even if the underlying technology is secure, this would be a security breach because funds could be lost due to user error. Countless people every day lose crypto assets because they pressed the wrong button or didn’t understand the feature they were using.
Therefore at the DigitalBank we view impenetrable security as an inseparable duality of a robust design and user friendliness. If it is too complicated to use, then even the most secure system will eventually fail to protect the user.
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