The DigitalBank Vault Vision

We will provide an exceptional user experience comprised of:
Intuitive tools to help you build a portfolio in line with your personal goals and risk profile
Online Crypto University : where you can attend top level educational webinars and access professional advice on crypto investments .
An online forum offering education, gamification and certification to develop your knowledge about the crypto world
There are three primary differences between The DigitalBank Vault and other financial services offerings currently available in the crypto economy.
The first difference is that our ambition is to become the world’s most secured and anonymous crypto bank.
Unbreakable Cyber Security ensures a higher level of client’s anonymity  and investment protection than other entities can provide.
The difference is that The DigitalBank Vault, once the crypto banking platform is fully developed and licensed, will offer all financial services relevant to crypto-assets, including:
– Transaction crypto banking and custody services;
– Secure storage and investment protection;
– Trading between crypto and traditional currencies;
– Offering of cutting edge wealth management products and services;
– Management of cryptocurrency market and liquidity risks; and
– Generation of crypto assets via professional ICOs and other crypto corporate finance services.
DigitalBank is the only 100% secured way , to save your Crypto Riches ,for the immediate use or for the future generations .

Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth . The DigitalBank allows you independent control of your crypto assets .

DigitalBank is Enabling 100% secure custody of Digital Assets assets for the financial crypto industry .
Get Top Level Security for Your Crypto Investment Now .Have total, end-to-end control over your cryptocurrency .

The DigitalBank Technology is solving urgent issues like : Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets , the loss of passwords , usernames and relative access keys to Bitcoin and Crypto accounts , and the Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets .

Individuals and Financial Institutions are now able to store,trade,invest ,convert their digital assets and cryptowealth in an ultra secure platform that will guarantee total privacy to the account holder .