The DigitalBank Vault Proprietary Encryption Technology

The next few years will see more and more of our income and wealth created and stored in the digital realm.
This convergence of the digital and tangible worlds creates a significant need for a new type of banking paradigm.
The DigitalBank Vault Device is controlled by a sophisticated 3 steps biometrical authorization procedure , which gives users the option to enter the account without the need to write or type anything .
Blockchain is driving the old and new economies to converge. In this new era, blockchain provides the missing link that connects the digital and tangible worlds.

Crypto assets provide a common medium of exchange, leading to the formation of new markets and innovative ways of creating value.
The DigitalBank allows the user to store an unlimited amount of funds without any risk or possibility of loss. In case you are a victim of theft, fire, or else, your funds are always secure without any possibility of loss. No matter what happens, your entire net worth is safely stored in your “Unique Digital Identity”(UDI) created by your personal Biometrical Data and our advanced algorithms .

It is almost impossible to attack the DB device : there are no ports,no backdoors,no keys stored .

The most advanced crypto banking system ever developed .

Blockchain is also fundamental to securely storing physical assets in a digital format.
By creating global, tamper-proof ledgers that authenticate ownership, assets such as securities, property deeds, artwork, jewelry and diamonds, personal identity documents and educational and other certificates of authenticity can be instantly validated, reducing the potential for theft and fraud.
Crypto assets validated on blockchain provide immutable proof of ownership on a global level.
With the DigitalBank , you will gain access , to the Most Sophisticated CryptoCurrency Banking System available on earth .

DigitalBank is creating the Future of Confidential E-Banking .
No Documentation Needed for Opening Accounts .

The First and Only Decentralized Anonymous Banking System in the World .
The DigitalBank is the safest vault for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency , more secured than any cold storage option available on the markets . You can finally remain independent of third-parties to own your assets.

Everything we think of as valuable can in some way be digitized and stored in a permanent, tamper-resistant way with blockchain technology
The DigitalBank breakthrough , is in the signing of transactions without storing any private keys – making the DigitalBank Account near to unhackable .

This is not only a super secured hardware wallet just for crypto storage , but it includes also a full banking and financial crypto managing platform , that let you buy, sell, trade ,invest and transform in cash your cryptocurrency holdings .