The DigitalBank Vault promotes institutional adoption of crypto assets

The DigitalBank Vault is a new digital financial services offering committed to security, transparency, and performance.
The DigitalBank Vault team has a wealth of experience in financial markets, regulation, technology, and information security, and together with the above core values, we are bringing a new financial services paradigm to the crypto economy.
The DigitalBank System guarantees secured lifetime access to you and the people you decide to share the account with , including heirs . User can  access their funds at any time, even years later. It doesn’t matter if device is lost or missing.
Usually one thinks immediately of fees as an area requiring full transparency and The DigitalBank Vault will certainly have a transparent policy in that regard.
For us, transparency goes much further.
Transparency to The DigitalBank Vault means we will make every effort to transfer our knowledge to our clients.
The DigitalBank device requires no technical skill at all. Impossible to lose funds due to user error.
The World’s Most Secured & Anonymous Banking Technology available , allowing Ultra Secured Financial Assets Transfer , Transactions and Custody 
Fundamentally different from a traditional banking philosophy, instead of guardians of knowledge and wealth, we see ourselves as amplifiers of knowledge and wealth, passing the know how of crypto secured storage ,protection and trading , to the public .


We will promote wider institutional adoption of crypto assets and currencies, and help people to understand the potential it holds for global economic reform and financial inclusion. Education and research are other fundamentals of our mission as a result.
It’s almost impossible to attack the DB device because there are no ports,no backdoors , no keys . The Most Hard to penetrate banking system ever developed .
With the DigitalBank Vault Device , there is no third party involved , because we never store or know your private key , at any given time .  We are the Fort Knox of Cryptocurrency Transfers .