Daughter ordered ‘obsessed’ mum’s death after finding out her serious illnesses and learning difficulties were made up

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Health News LIVING A LIE Daughter ordered ‘obsessed’ mum’s death after finding out her serious illnesses and learning difficulties were made up
Gypsy Rose had even been subjected invasive, unnecessary surgeries, all instigated by a mother who craved attention and sympathy By Gerard du Cann 13th January 2019, 12:15 pm Updated: 13th January 2019, 1:16 pm By Gerard du Cann Invalid Date, GYPSY Rose Blanchard’s mother kept her in a wheelchair, told her she had cancer, and convinced her she had learning difficulties.
But the oxygen and feeding tubes her mother made her use were not needed, and her mental condition was made up and used as a smokescreen to keep her silent. HBO 15 Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mother made everyone believe she was seriously ill.
It took over 20 years of abuse – and one bloody act – before the American child, brainwashed into thinking her tormentor was actually her carer, was able to make her story known.
To any outsider, Gypsy was blessed for having as devoted a mum as Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard – someone to look out for a child who was slipping further and further behind her peers.
She stuck by her when doctors diagnosed her with sleep apnoea as a three-month-old baby and put her on breathing apparatus.
As a little girl, her mother put on a brave face as she told relatives Gypsy had a chromosomal disorder and would spend her life in a wheelchair. HBO 15 The mother and daughter were treated to many free trips from local charities
Doctors even prescribed her an anti-epileptic drug after her mother said she suffered seizures, which made her teeth crumble.
The mother and daughter were best friends, never one seen without the other.
Supposed learning difficulties required her little girl to be home-schooled, Dee Dee claimed.
Dee Dee’s family wanted to help, but she made the unusual decision to move states away to Louisiana and distance herself. HBO 15 A charity built the pair a brand new home after their own was destroyed in a hurricane
Just when everyone thought they’d been through enough, Dee Dee shared the sad news that Gypsy had leukaemia.
Left with no teeth, glasses, and balding from chemotherapy treatment, little Gypsy was a child to be pitied.
When Dee Dee and Gypsy had to move to Springfield, Missouri, after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their Louisiana home, a local charity built them a new house with ramps for Gypsy’s wheelchair. HBO It was only as Gypsy got older that she started to question her mother
News outlets covered her story – and that of her ever-devoted mother.
Gypsy would spend her days escaping into a world of make believe, watching Disney films on repeat.
The mother and daughter were even given free trips to Disney World. Facebook 15 Gypsy was infatuated with Disne and dreamed of becoming a princess
But it was all a lie. Gypsy wasn’t a teenager with a mental age of a seven-year-old, she was a healthy 23 – or would have been, if her mother had not fabricated illnesses and forced her daughter to take toxic drugs.
She didn’t need a wheelchair or feeding tubes, she could do both just fine, if her mother only let her.
She had no learning difficulties either.
She’d been subjected to unnecessary and invasive surgeries, including the removal of her saliva glands to control her non-existent drooling, all instigated by a mother who craved attention and sympathy. As a child Gypsy would watch Disney films constantly
Experts said Dee Dee had Munchausen by proxy – a mental disorder where someone fabricates an illness in order to get sympathy or attention.
She had just subjected her daughter to the illness, rather than pretending to have it herself.
She held her hand constantly as just another means of control, and would squeeze tightly if the young woman revealed the dark secret.
As Gypsy grew older, she became harder to control.
At one point she even tried to run away and was chained to a bed for two weeks. Dee Dee was diagnosed with a condition whereby a person fakes illness for sympathy
She was not allowed to talk to doctors, even during appointments, and if she ever tried to tell someone, her mother blamed it on her mental illness.
Fuelled by her love of Disney, Gypsy longed for her very own fairy tale romance and joined a dating website in 2013. She started talking to 23-year-old Nicholas Godejohn.
She was amazed when her wheelchair wasn’t a deal-breaker for the young man from Wisconsin.
However, Nicholas had his own dark past. Gypsy met Nicholas Godejohn on an online dating site
He was a criminal with a record for indecent exposure and a history of mental illness.
The pair started talking via a secret Facebook account to avoid Dee Dee finding out and he became the first person Gypsy confided in.
He was the first person to know that her health problems were a fiction, created by a controlling, mentally sick mother.
In early 2015, they met for the first time. Gypsy was kept on oxygen without reason throughout her childhood
Dee Dee, 48, had taken Gypsy to a local cinema to see Cinderella and the two young lovers set up a meeting.
Gypsy was dressed as Cinderella while Nicholas was in a Prince Charming outfit and the pair snuck off to bathroom and had sex.
When Dee Dee found out that Gypsy had been in touch with Nicholas after this supposedly impromptu meeting, she was furious.
She attempted to cut all lines of contact, smashing her computer.
Gypsy didn’t trust the police to believe her. A locket shows the condition that Dee Dee kept her child
Dee Dee’s web of lies was too complete, her own mental deficit too well documented.
Gypsy managed to stay in contact with Nicholas, and asked him if he would kill Dee Dee for her.
He said he would, and on June 12, 2015, Nicholas arrived at the Blanchard home to execute “Plan B”.
Dee Dee was asleep and Gypsy let him in and gave him gloves and a serrated knife.
Gypsy hid in the bathroom while Nicholas stabbed Dee Dee 17 times. Gypsy at the time of her arrest was just beginning to grow hair
When the deed was gone, the pair went back to Gypsy’s bedroom, where they had sex then fled to Wisconsin.
Not content to leave the body to decompose, the pair posted a Facebook update which would trigger visits to the house.
They wrote: “That b***h is dead.”
They added that whoever had killed Dee Dee had also raped Gypsy.
On 14 June, officers found Dee Dee’s body and announced that vulnerable Gypsy was missing. Finally free of her mother’s clutches, Gypsy was able to gain weight in prison HBO 15 In prison, Gypsy is said to be healthier than she ever had been as a child
Officers said she was in trouble, having left behind all the medical equipment her mum had placed around her.
Her wheelchair was left behind, her feeding tubes abandoned.
The public were devastated for kind, selfless Dee Dee, and once again charities stepped in to raise fund for her funeral.
Police traced the Facebook status to Wisconsin, where they found Nicholas and Gypsy.
Police at first thought the criminal boyfriend had taken advantage of the mentally handicapped woman. AP:Associated Press Gypsy ended up testifying at the trial of her lover
But before long, the truth began to reveal itself.
Gypsy told them about the torture she had been subjected to since childhood – of the constant operations performed on her, and the poisoning of her body with unneeded drugs.
The pair admitted to “Plan B” and their blood plot to free the young woman from her mother.
When news spread about what Dee Dee had done, sympathy swung in Gypsy’s favour.
In 2016, Gypsy took a plea deal and received 10 years for second-degree murder.
Behind bars, Gypsy thrived, with her hair growing and her weight returning to normal. Medics gave her a clean bill of health. AP:Associated Press Gypsy’s lover faces life in jail without parole if convicted
In November, she was brought forward as a witness in Nicholas’ trial.
She told the court: “I didn’t think anyone would believe me.
“I thought they would eventually tell my mom and make my home life even worse for me. I feared my mom more than I feared anyone else.”
The defence suggested that Nicholas, 29, had been manipulated by Gypsy to commit murder.
He was mentally impaired himself, his defence claimed, suffering autism.
Despite this, the jury convicted him of first degree murder, and he now faces life in prison without parole. MOST READ IN NEWS Why are migrants crossing the English Channel and what’s the latest? ‘I’D BE ALL OVER YOU’ Businessman, 50, invited colleague, 27, to hotel room for ‘some fun’ Breaking Brothers of Rashford and Alexander-Arnold’s ‘attacked by gunmen’ BEAST RETURNS What is the 2019 Beast from the East, how will it affect us and will it snow? SIR FACES JAIL Brit teacher cleared of UK sex crimes faces jail in Span over ‘pupil abuse’ BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND Fierce 50mph gales barrel into UK today amid fears SNOW is on the way
He will be sentenced in February.
Gypsy says that even behind bars she is freer than she’s been her whole life.
A decade in prison was a better option than living another day under Dee Dee’s control.
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