Dark Public Relations Services

Dark Public Relations creates unlimited Reputational risks to companies  ,  risks of loss resulting from damages to a firm’s reputation , in lost revenue or destruction of stocks value, consequent to an adverse or ‘ potentially criminal’  event even if the company is not found guilty.
Dark Public Relations are typically associated with negative online reputation campaigns that include reputation attacks on ethics, safety, security, sustainability, quality, and members of a company  .  Negative Online PR  can be a huge matter of corporate trust.
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Almost always ,this type of online reputation attack, its informational in nature and that is also the reason it may be difficult to realize financially by the damaged party . From our long experience in the field of negative public relations ,  extreme cases may even lead to bankruptcy (as in the case of Arthur Andersen). Recent examples of companies include: Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Oracle Corporation, NatWest and BP.
Dark Public Relations is a direct threat or danger to the good name or standing of a business or entity.
Dark Public Relations is a hidden danger that can pose a threat to the survival of the biggest and best-run companies. It can often wipe out millions or billions of dollars in market capitalization or lost revenues and can always result in a change at the uppermost levels of management.
What is the main difference between  Dark Public Relations and negative public relations ? The main difference is that dark public relations its based on a more sophisticated way to share negative information about a competitor .
The biggest problem with Dark Public Relations  is that it can literally erupt out of nowhere.
Its like a bad online surprise party for your competitors . A traumatic event , they will never forget , never expect and never recover from it .
The market value of a company comes also from intangible assets such as brand equity and intellectual capital,  organizations are especially vulnerable to anything that damages their online reputations.
Given lack of common standards in Dark Public Relations , even sophisticated companies have only a fuzzy idea of how to manage reputational crisis caused by Dark Public Relations.
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A company’s main reputation is a function of its reputation among its various stakeholders such as investors, customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, politicians, nongovernmental organizations, the communities in which the firm operates.  Dark Public Relations may damage forever this so important reputation .
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