Crypto Hacking Trends 2019 : beware of malicious apps and links

Despite the fact that malware infections have recently decreased by 20%, they are still considered one of the most common cryptocurrency scams. Hackers attempt and find new creative ways to steal funds from people. We already mentioned some cases on the “Protect Yourself from Scams” post, but an effective prevention still depends on your judgement and on avoiding the download of anything you do not trust or do not fully understand, no matter how tempting it might look.

The new “trend” created by fraudsters are the malicious crypto mobile applications. Malware programs, once installed, will gather the user’s personal information, such as credentials and private key or will change bitcoin addresses to the hacker’s address. Since most of the cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, once they are confirmed by the network, it will be impossible to recover your funds.

Building a simple app requires little or basic coding skills, which makes it an excellent way for fraudsters to gain access to information in your device.  DigitalBank highly recommends you to be super-cautious about applications that you install on your devices and to always double-check who is the creator of the app!

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