Crypto Exchange HBUS Licenses ‘Huobi’ Brand

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1 min ago Facelift: Crypto Exchange HBUS Licenses ‘Huobi’ Brand
HBUS , which has been the exclusive US partner of giant Chinese crypto exchange Huobi, will now be called by the same name. The rebranding includes a change in domain names for both companies. Huobi’s global platform will move to , while HBUS will use This change will probably throw people off for some time. US Crypto Exchange Announces ‘Huobi’ Rebrand
Nothing actually changes in the “enhanced” arrangement between the giant and HBUS. HBUS HoldCo. continues to operate its own exchange utilizing Huobi for liquidity and technology. The primary change is the way that US users will access the platform.
CEO of HGB Leon Li said in a press release:
We feel very confident that the HBUS team will be excellent stewards of the ‘Huobi’ name as they become the top digital asset exchange in the U.S.
HBUS is an upstart alternative to major crypto exchanges like Coinbase . It offers 13 trading pairs. Exchange volume continues to trend toward exchanges like Binance , which have many dozens of trading pairs. All the same, retail investors and professional traders seek regulator-friendly options to enter the crypto market.
HBUS CEO Frank Fu said:
Huobi Global a world leading digital asset exchange, especially in Asia, and the name ‘Huobi’ is a powerful brand in the digital asset world, representing dependability, flexibility, and security for more than half a decade. Leveraging our enhanced partnership with Huobi Group, we’ll continue to operate the trading platform in a compliance-committed manner, offering wide token variety. Huobi’s global platform will move, while Huobi US will use This change will probably throw people off for some time. HBUS Continues Marketing Push
HBUS is one of the only exchanges to run billboard campaigns. Gemini recently followed suit with a campaign that raised some eyebrows in the crypto space. HBUS has poked fun at Coinbase and used humor in an attempt to build its user base.
As part of the rebranding, they report that they are offering trading rebates as well as promotional discounts for new users. They strive to offer lower fees than other exchanges in an effort to attract traders from other platforms. The press release reads:
To celebrate the rebranding, HBUS has launched a number of different promotions, including trading rebates, and will continue to offer low trading fees and other benefits for traders.
The exchange is still relatively new, launched July last year. However, as the only place for US users to access HGB, they are banking on the success of the OG exchange to help raise their prospects in the future.
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