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Beware of BANKEX ICO because , all ICOs are unregulated ,and do not provide protection to investors ,in case of fraud or loss.

ICO — the hottest craze in cryptocurrencies — is an ‘absolute scam,’ Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales says .

On this webpage you can post anonymous reviews and complaints about BANKEX ICO .

The Hacking Team will monitor from now on , 24 hours a day , the financial reputation of BANKEX and the people involved in this company, and will notify you about every complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits, Frauds reported online.

Do you have financial information to share about BANKEX ICO ? Please email it to us at [email protected] , we will publish it , in a 100% anonymous way . If you have any serious information about criminal activities connected to BANKEX ICO , we will pay you 1 Bitcoin for valuable inside information .

Get helpful information regarding, allegedly unethical financial practices, connected to the BANKEX websites .

After a careful evaluation it looks like BANKEX , has no clear business plans. And while investors might hope that the BANKEX tokens appreciate in value, as those in the bitcoin and Ethereum networks have done, that may not ever happen . The SEC is on the lookout for pump-and-dump schemes , and we will pass them our reports about BANKEX ICO .

We looked the team up. We did not limit ourselves to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and tried to find more social activity from them. We runned a full background check on every person involved in BANKEX ICO .

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There is no trace of discussions, participation in any groups or projects — it is a red flag. We invite you to Investigate the core team behind the project. Find out if the team members actually exist , who they really are , what they have done till those days , when they opened their LinkedIn accounts , etc… Do they have a track record or experience that is relevant to the project that is verifiable? In the BANKEX ICO case , the answer is negative .

Are you confident that the team has the ability to deliver versus what is promised and are the goals achievable? The Answer is NO !!

We investigated the legal side. Look up at the website domain , the real registration address, their offices location  — we even sent an offline mail to the office mentioned .

We even googled the cell number and e-mails  that are connected to the BANKEX ICO team — and found traces of previous activities in the far corners of the web, that told us a lot about the team members .
You can also easily check if they are a real member of the Bitcoin community through a very handy feature on Bitcointalk, the most popular cryptocurrency forum out there where this projects are usually announced.

Victim of an ICO Scam ? You sent them money and now cannot withdraw it ? If you want your money back from the ICO you invested in , contact us at [email protected] , our criminal investigators will contact them and take back your money . We are here to help all ICO victims !


Speaking about the BANKEX ICO theme, or their business concept, we really do not think there’s a market for that kind of product and even if there is , there are stong rivals in the field already . Scam can be seen by an over optimistic or too general description and this is what happened with BANKEX ICO .

After SEC & MAS reports, everybody knows one can’t just issue ‘randomcoins’. So if a token is not supported by anything (i.e bonuses, ecosystem, company share etc), its issuer might be a scam. So how the BANKEX ICO tokens are actually backed up ? Good Question indeed !
f you want your money back from the ICO you invested in , contact us at [email protected] , our criminal investigators will contact them and take back your money . We are here to help all ICO victims !

Be sure to check the past track record of the team and learn about any of the completed projects that are available to you.

For the more technically inclined, check whether the project’s code is open for scrutiny on github.

The BANKEX ICO project’s code appears to be cloned from another token/app , this means it is likely to be a scam.

Before investing in BANKEX ICO : Put questions towards the project team and draw conclusions from the types of responses you receive or discussions you read in these forms.

Are the project developers open to dialogue?
Are they forthcoming or are they evasive? ( Check by yourself ….you will not like what you hear )
Are responses specific or do the parties involved speak in generalities? ( Generalities from what we found out )
Do they come off as overly optimistic? YES , they are !

Good question you must ask yourself before buying their BANKEX tokens are :

“Could this project be accomplished using a token that is already in existence, such as Ether?
“Is the creation of a new token necessary?”

According to our analysts the BANKEX project will not be able to acquire a share of the market space , with their product innovation or services.

How long has the BANKEX project been in development? Nobody really knows .

The BANKEX project has no substantial record of progress over several months and has only recently appeared, this is a sign to be very cautious.

Is the token supported or projected to be supported on more than one exchange now or in the near future? Very Difficult to answer in BANKEX case .

How will the tokens be used, by whom and are there any indications of support coming from the market? We do not know !!

We have a lot of unanswered question regarding the BANKEX ICO :

Will there a cap on the maximum amount of coins that will ever be produced, like bitcoin, or will there be a steady increases in the number of tokens issued over time that could effect the value of all tokens in the future?

How will the token be used in the network and is it even necessary?

From what we read online the BANKEX ICO , often makes bold claims about their product even though said project offers nothing new or disruptive.

No serious team will ever make a price prediction about their token or claim it can fix the world. But the BANKEX ICO team did exactly that on their website . AGAIN RED FLAG .

The BANKEX ICO whitepaper is a real Buzzword salads , looks good , but when you actually sit down to digest it, this ICO taste like vague claims and empty promises.
You do not only want to see a very thorough whitepaper, but also look for a variety of complementary resources such as SWOT analysis, financial model, wallet design, competitor analysis, institutional studies, and more

We anayzed the matter and there is NOT a strong business case for BANKEX technology.

When evaluating the BANKEX ICO, the good first question to ask is: “Do they need a blockchain or a native token for this project?” The answer is no to both, chances are the ICO project is an example of solutionism — crypto for crypto’s sake — or a scam.

ICOs will usually have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So keep an eye out for the Escrow participants and the escrow conditions. This may save you some money. We do not think that the X startup is using the top Escrow service . And if it’s not, it can be a good indicator about the ICO being a non-authentic one.

Ask them the right questions before investing even one single dollar in the BANKEX ICO .

While there are definitely some companies building innovative things on top of blockchains (and in the crypto space generally), there are many fraudulent groups who are looking for a quick cash grab. The field can be even more confusing to navigate when malicious groups get celebrity endorsements. Surely a trusted face would vet whoever they support?

Realize that even if a blockchain startup passes all of these tests, it doesn’t mean for certain that they aren’t trying to scam investors out of their money

One thing that you should not forget to check on is what people are talking about the BANKEX ICO which you are interested. If you have any doubt, you can simply put an open ended question on the forum asking people their opinions.

All the discussions here will be a great indicator about the BANKEX ICO being an authentic one.

You can go to Bitcoin Talk or Reddit for such information.

And no matter how alert you remain, there will be a few people in coming times who will con even the smartest of you but as the market matures, the probability of an ICO being a fraudulent one will decrease and ultimately reach a null value.

REMEMBER : If something seems like a scam, it probably is.

Before buying tokens at BANKEX , please check first , our reviews page , you will find always the most updated information about BANKEX , including existing lawsuits records , bankruptcy, legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,arrest records ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative mentioning ,negative reviews.

Submit your story about the BANKEX I C O , on our web site for free, for millions to see.
If you have any kind of information about BANKEX ICO , that connects them to financial scams , online frauds and investor’s complaints , let us know !

Wall Street’s top regulator has a warning for mom-and-pop investors who are rushing into the booming market for initial coin offerings: the space is probably full of fraud.

The Wolf of Wall Street Thinks that ICOs Are ‘The Biggest Scam Ever’

We will make sure that every person ,that will search information on Google, about BANKEX I C O , will find , first of all , your review . Our Reviews are top level ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing , and we constantly show up on every possible search term , related to BANKEX ICO .

The Hacking Team is a top level crowd sourced review site , the main difference between us and other complaints and reviews sites is that , we monitor the companies issuing I C Os , 24 hours a day , and report every single piece of negative information published about them online .

Post your Anonymous Complaints & Reviews Today about BANKEX ICO .

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When perpetrating any kind of scam, it helps to move in a space that’s hard for everyday consumers to understand. It’s safe to say digital currencies, which were confusing to begin with and now come in more than a thousand different varieties, offer fertile ground for fraudsters. One recent scam story making the news pertains to the aptly-named Confido, a new cryptocurrency startup that successfully raised more than $300,000 in investment money through an initial coin offering. Then, according to reports in The Next Web and Inc, the company quickly disappeared.

Altogether the startup was able to raise three rounds of capital from unsuspecting investors who wanted to own a piece of the company’s “trustless escrow payment solution,” using a broker called TokenLot. Confido looked pretty legit — it had a leadership team with head shots, and even published a pseudo-white paper (which has also since been deleted.)

But once the perpetrators had the money, according to a TokenLot statement, Confido’s website, social media profiles and YouTube videos all disappeared, though some pages are still visible through web archives. TokenLot described Confido as an “exit scam,” and said they are working with the FBI to identify the thieves. Token didn’t immediately respond to Mic’s request for comment.

It’s not the first ICO that was later revealed to be a scam. Earlier this month, a cryptocurrency trader named Maksim Zaslavskiy was arrested for securities fraud over his connection to a series of ICO scams, and on Oct. 20 Bloomberg reported yet another cryptocurrency-related arrest, though in that case the hacker was targeting financial institutions.

In part because ICOs are largely unregulated, they’re a breeding ground for scams. Back in March, the security research firm ZeroFOX told ZDNet that it had identified some 3,618 such scams associated with more than 100 million different URLs and websites, the most common of which are phishing schemes, attempts to plant malware, and pyramid schemes — in which new investors are constantly recruited to pay off old investors.

Feeling worried? Whether you’re looking to invest in the next hot altcoin — or are simply intrigued by an ad for the new bitcoin wallet — you can protect your money by learning to identify key red flags (beyond just avoiding unfamiliar ICOs). Here are three examples of warning signs that scammers are involved. Bitcoin scams are constantly coming and going, Bitcoinist noted, so one of the first things you should do any time you’re vetting a new bitcoin company should be to check if you’re using a secure connection.

Luckily, this is pretty easy to do, if the connection in question has been secured the URL will lead with “HTTPS” as opposed to “HTTP,” or some other alternative. You should also be especially wary of any offerings that appear to be selling a digital currency for below its market price. Always double check prices using a more reputable source like CoinDesk or CoinMarketCap to figure out if something might be too good to be true.

Scammers also tend to use online ads to find targets who are typing “buy bitcoin” or “ICOs” into search engines like Google, according to Bitcoinist. Take care to avoid these ads, and always instead make sure you’re clicking on organic links.

One particularly common form of bitcoin scam, according to ZDNet, are Ponzi schemes or Pyramid schemes. Even BitConnect, currently the largest bitcoin exchange according to the New York Times, has been accused of being a pyramid scheme by high profile members of the cryptocurrency world like Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin. His reason? Unrealistic, overly consistent promises about returns.

These schemes are essentially where your venture doesn’t actually make a product or any money — they simply continue recruiting new investors to pay back the old ones you’ve already tapped out. A good red flag to look for are “tiered” or “multi-level” marketing arrangements.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has a good list of other red flags of how to recognize a potential Ponzi scheme, but the biggest one is definitely any venture that offers really high returns with little-to-no risk. Generally, high returns are how you compensate people for taking on lots of risk in the first place — anyone claiming you can have both at the same time is probably trying to rip you off.

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  • Cyber Unit ICO Fraud

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission launched a new cyber fraud unit earlier this year amid the internet’s ongoing Bitcoin boom, seemingly telegraphing its intent to crack down on a cryptocurrency market rife with hacking, fraud and scams. The first thing on its agenda was likely always going to be initial coin offerings – a form of almost totally unregulated investment vehicle in which investors trade things of real value, such as cash, in exchange for stakes in cryptocurrency-backed startups.Lo and behold, the SEC cyber unit’s first case is yet another indication they plan on subjecting ICOs to the same securities laws as traditional investment products. Per Ars Technica, the agency has filed federal charges against PlexCorps operator Dominic Lacroix and his partner Sabrina Paradis-Royer, saying their PlexCoin ICO fraudulently raised up to $US15 million ($20 million) from investors with lies of 13-fold returns in less than a month. The SEC labelled Lacroix a “recidivist securities law violator” running a thinly-veiled scam.

    According to Reuters, the SEC also said that it had obtained an emergency order to stop the ICO and freeze assets so they could attempt to refund investors.PlexCorps had “no whitepaper available on its website,” CNBC wrote. But PlexCoin’s website touted the project as a “new revolutionary operating structure” that is “safer and much easier to use than any other current cryptocurrency”. Without providing much explanation of how it supposedly would do so, the project offered users security from “market variation, which is highly volatile”, as well as promised “guaranteed returns”. It also claimed to be developing “PlexCard”, a replacement for traditional credit and debit cards that would allow users to spend their money directly.

    In a statement on Facebook, PlexCorps argued it was “being depicted as robbers, scammers and fraudsters everywhere in the media”, and accused the press of “smearing our name with some allegations that can sometimes be false or misleading”. It pledged to cooperate with the SEC as well as a separate investigation in Canada.The majority of ICOs are likely not scams, just risky startup ventures. But as notorious Wall Street scammer Jordan Belfort noted a few months ago, it only takes a few crooks to scare off investors and tank the market. As CNBC wrote, ICOs slowed down in November due in part to fears of legal repercussions, though the ICO market has still sucked in billions of dollars of investments to date.

    As the SEC moves on PlexCorps, other government agencies around the world are beginning to take cryptocurrency more seriously as well. The Internal Revenue Service recently won a court ruling forcing crypto exchange Coinbase to hand over customer records from 2013-2015, saying it believed Coinbase customers were failing to properly report gains when paying their taxes. Authorities in the UK and the European Union have reportedly become concerned that drug dealers and other organised crime groups are using Bitcoin ATMs to stash away illicit gains. China and South Korea have both banned ICOs outright. All this attention must have some people in the sector sweating.

  • Crypto Warning

    For the second time this year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a public caution on cryptocurrencies and, specifically, bitcoin.

    With a public notice on December 5, India’s central bank has – once again – cautioned adopters (“users, holders and traders”) of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin about “potential economic, financial, operational, legal, customer protection and security related risks” in dealing with VCs (virtual currencies).

    The RBI also reiterated its position of not authorizing or licensing “any entity/company to operate such schemes or deal with Bitcoin or any VC”, in a repeat of its warning from February this year. India’s central bank issued its first warning against bitcoin in December 2013, telling adopters that the “creation, trading and usage” of bitcoin as a medium of payment wasn’t authorized by any central bank or monetary authority, at the time.

    Unlike previous alerts, the latest public notice includes a warning about initial coin offerings (ICOs), a popular new form of fundraising where companies raise capital in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum’s ether in exchange for their digital tokens.

  • BitcoinFraud

    The Commodities King, Dennis Gartman, continues to say that he will not buy Bitcoin, in spite of recent news that the cryptocurrency has been approved for futures trading on a number of exchanges. Speaking on ‘Fast Money,’ Gartman reiterated his view that Bitcoin is in a ‘tulip mania’ stage and will inevitably pop.

    Gartman’s own expertise in commodities dates back to the 1970s when he helped to manage several large companies’ futures divisions. He now produces an investor advice newsletter called ‘The Gartman Letter.’

    The main concern, says Gartman, is the massive volatility that Bitcoin is often subject to. He maintains that margining something that moves with huge volatility is wildly difficult and dangerous. He told ‘Fast Money’:

    “Bitcoin on a volatile day moves 15 and 20 percent. How can you margin something that can move 15 to 20 percent on a regular basis? It’s the volatility that frightens me.”

    Some legitimacy or full legitimacy?
    However, in a shockingly positive turn, Gartman did affirm that the inclusion of Bitcoin futures on the CBOE has given the cryptocurrency ‘some legitimacy,’ though not enough to tempt him into the market. He maintained that, until the cryptocurrency ceases to be a ‘place where drug dealers are making transactions,’ he’ll stay out.

    However, many industry insiders disagree regarding the legitimacy of Bitcoin. In fact, the futures trading brings Bitcoin legitimacy as an asset class unto itself, albeit highly volatile. According to Shai Novik, vice chairman of Cryptal Holdings AG:

    “The initiation of Bitcoin futures trading provides legitimacy to Bitcoin as an asset class. Bitcoin was not defined until now as an asset class in which investors can invest as part of their asset allocation strategy. Now, asset managers would be able to do so. It would still be a highly-volatile and unpredictable asset class, but so are other assets.”

  • ICO Fraud

    The amount of money this scam made may not have been as much as the previously mentioned cryptocurrency scams, but it’s how they did it that makes it notorious. Confido held an ICO from the 6th to the 8th of November, raising $374,000. Soon thereafter, the company ‘disappeared’ and deleted all its social media accounts. They simply vanished with the investors’ money into thin air, and that makes it a notorious scam. At least the others tried to make themselves seem legit.
    With so many types of cryptocurrency scams, it’s no wonder bankers like Jamie Dimon are so sceptical. You can still protect yourself, though, if only you’re diligent in your search for an investment. Other suspicious offerings that look like scams incude LCF Coins, Centurion Coin, Earthcoin, S-Coin and others.

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