After Eights, brandy, underwear and steak – what these 20 shoplifters stole in Grimsby at Christmas and what happened to them – Grimsby Live

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Festive shoplifters had a busy December
It wasn’t just the Christmas shoppers who were flocking to buy their festive presents, the Yuletide shoplifters were also very busy.
During December, one serial thief stole 22 boxes of After Eights and nine boxes of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Another stole gift sets valued at £180.
Yet another swiped Christmas themed products valued at £200 and one even stole a Christmas tree.
It seems it’s never too early to stock up on stolen festive booty. No doubt many of the goodies stolen ended up being given to lovers or friends as kind-hearted “presents” or being sold to raise some Christmas cash.
Here’s a top 20 rundown on December’s most brazen shoplifting hauls, in cases heard at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court . 1) 22 boxes of After Eights, nine boxes of 12 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and nine boxes of Lily O’Brien’s chocolates
For sheer cheek, top placing must go to the sweet-toothed thief who stole all that chocolate, valued at £139, from a Spar store.
Steven Oulton, 35, of Church Street, Conisbrough, Doncaster, was jailed for 14 days after pleading guilty to four thefts in Scunthorpe. 2) A bottle of Courvoisier Brandy and two packs of rump steak
Forget about beer or extra strong lager, another thief targeted an upmarket bottle of brandy at Asda in Grimsby as the ideal accompaniment to some rump steak. Total value of the treats: £42.40.
Richard Bromley, 44, who has been living in a Grimsby hostel, was given six months’ drug treatment after admitting three thefts and breaching a conditional discharge imposed for theft. One thief even stole a Christmas tree (Image: GETTY Images) 3) A Christmas tree
The ultimate must have Christmas shoplifting target. A regular criminal stole a Christmas tree, valued at £25, from Asda in Grimsby.
Daniel Pexman, 35, of Grimsby, was jailed for 16 weeks after admitting assaulting a police community support officer, four theft offences, including the Christmas tree, and possessing cannabis. 4) Christmas themed products
Tantalisingly attractive description for what must have been a whole host of festive fun items, valued at £200 and on offer at Matalan.
Samantha Scott, 46, of Lamerton Court, Scunthorpe, admitted three theft offences in the town but later did not turn up to court and a warrant was issued for her arrest. 5) Two No 7 Ready For Radiance gift sets, two No 7 nail colour collection gift sets, one Radiant gift set, two Soap & Glory Credibles gift sets
Pampering products were targeted when a woman stole this haul of gift sets, valued at £104, from Boots in Barton.
Sarah Shearer, 28, of Yarbrough Court, Barton-upon-Humber, was jailed for 17 weeks after admitting two theft offences and breaching a suspended prison sentence imposed for 14 earlier thefts. Boots was a popular target for Christmas shoplifters (Image: Getty Images) 6) Gift sets valued at £180
Not to be outdone, another thief escaped with an even more valuable haul of gift sets from another Boots store.
Marc Berry, 40, of Duncombe Street, Grimsby, was given an 18-week suspended prison sentence six months’ drug treatment after admitting two theft offences and assault. 7) 14 pairs of leather gloves
It’s been bitterly cold so wrapping up warm and making sure your hands are well covered is a good idea. This thief stole gloves valued at £245 from Marks & Spencer.
Richard Bromley, 44, who has been living in a Grimsby hostel, was given six months’ drug treatment after admitting three thefts and breaching a conditional discharge imposed for theft. 8) Shoes valued at £141
It always pays to have a good pair of shoes in the depths of the winter, with rain, frost and snow all likely, so this thief was well prepared with his haul from Deichmann Shoes.
Marc Berry, 40, of Duncombe Street, Grimsby, was given an 18-week suspended prison sentence and six months’ drug treatment after admitting two theft offences and assault. Marc Berry stole shoes from Deichmann (Image: Raw Creative) 9) Socks and underwear worth £110
Nothing like a few stocking fillers at Christmas and this thief made sure he wasn’t left short by helping himself to a loads of socks and underwear from Next.
Scott Gibney, 36, of Fildes Street, Grimsby, admitted 10 theft offences and and breaching a suspended prison sentence imposed for three theft offences and breaching a restraining order was jailed for 24 weeks. 10) Groceries and four joints of beef Marie Birkett was jailed for eight weeks
A serial and prolific thief’s latest targets were groceries, valued at £67, from Tesco Express in Cleethorpes and four joints of beef, valued at £30, from Marks & Spencer in Grimsby.
Marie Birkett , 41, of Grimsby, was jailed for eight weeks after admitting theft. 11) Five joints of lamb
It certainly doesn’t have to be turkey at Christmas. How about lamb instead? This woman stole lamb joints, valued at £41.80, from Lidl in Scunthorpe.
Lisa Taylor, 31, of Scotter Road, Scunthorpe , was given an eight-week suspended prison sentence after admitting theft and possessing amphetamine as well as breaching a community order imposed for burglary and attempted burglary. A lovely steak dinner 12) Four sirloin steaks
Steak is always a winner, especially if you don’t have to pay for it yourself, so this shoplifter chose four sirloin steaks, valued at £20.36, from Lidl in Barton.
Simon Burman, 47, of Kingston View, Barton-upon-Humber, was given a 28-day curfew after admitting three theft offences. 13) Six jars of coffee and lamb steaks
Lamb steaks can be a real treat and plenty of coffee is always handy for those festive hangovers. This thief’s haul from Farm Foods in Grimsby totalled £29.94 for just the coffee with the steaks extra to that.
Damon Dalby, 35, of Park Street, Grimsby, admitted theft, using threatening behaviour, attempted burglary and criminal damage and was jailed for eight weeks. 14) Chocolate valued at £312
Chocolate was a big winner in thieving circles this year and intriguing-sounding “chocolate items” made up just one haul for a shameless shoplifter at a Tesco Express store in Grimsby.
Scott Gibney, 36, of Fildes Street, Grimsby, admitted 10 theft offences and was jailed for 24 weeks. Read More

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